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Heir of the Blood King by W.O Cassity Blook Blitz and Giveaway!

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This is my stop during the book blitz for Heir of the Blood King (Adventures of Adam #1) by W.O. Cassity. This book blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 20 till 24 July, you can view the complete blitz schedule on the website of Lola’s Blog Tours.
During this blitz Heir of the Blood King will be free on amazon, make sure to grab your copy!

Heir of the Blood King (Adventures of Adam #1)
by W.O. Cassity
Genre: Fantasy/ Action & Adventure/ Sword & Sorcery
Age category: Young Adult
Release Date: April 15, 2015
Pages: 123
Heir Of The Blood King coverNo one can escape their destiny in a world controlled by the Fates. Ancient prophecies are the means by which the gods maintain order. Whether pauper or king, each life becomes a pawn in a dangerous game of control, where moving pieces determines the course of all living beings. The Blood King’s sudden death in the night triggers a foreboding prophecy of dark times, as it is foretold that his unknown Heir would awaken to the dark magic of his blood and enslave the Eleven Kingdoms. Soldiers bring destruction to the countryside seeking the Heir Of The Blood King.

Adam escapes the fires of the peaceful village of Riverside in the night when the soldiers laid waste to his adopted home. With his fate uncertain, the unskilled orphan must fight for his freedom against dangerous enemies who give pursuit as he searches for the answers to his past. Adam is also faced with the challenges of survival against the untamed wilderness and its dark denizens as he tries to avoid a destiny he does not want.

“The Heir Of The Blood King will rise, this has been divined.” - Ancient prophecy of the Seering Council.

“Heir Of The Blood King” is the first installment of the ongoing, action-packed, Young Adult fantasy, survival series, Adventures of Adam.
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Heir of the Blood King is free from 20 till 24 July! Grab your copy for free here:
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The crackling of splintering wood thunderously sounded behind them as the wind picked up against their back and the stench became overbearing. A heavy grumble joined the chorus of destruction that followed in their wake, joined by a bone chilling, glee filled cackle.
Adam couldn’t stop himself as he faltered and stumbled to a halt to see what horror the forest was spewing towards them. His mind refused to comprehend the monstrosity that his eyes were reflecting into his mind. It was a humanoid, beast like creature that stood almost three times the height of a normal man with brutish arms of banded muscle that were the size of trees. Dirt and the filth clung to its thick, calloused skin and large fur clothing, but that is not what was terrifying about this gargantuan and grotesque being. It was the grimace of hatred that glared down upon the three young companions, as well as the maddened cries that emanated from the maw of the beast’s second head. The caked on matted hair of the two headed beast clung together in a tangled heap that looked like a worn out fishing net draped over both of their heads.
Talia quickly realized that Adam had stopped to see the terror that was bearing down on them and her eyes took in the ghoulish appearance of the ettin. Its two heads surveyed the rocky clearing, getting a feel for the layout. The ettin hadn’t seemed all that bad when she had read a brief description about them in one of her father’s books during one of her learning sessions. Either the author of that book had not been nearly as intimidated as she was by the size of this beast or he had never actually seen one first hand, for this grotesque monster was truly a daunting sight to behold.
Adam felt Talia tear at his arm as she cried out for him to move quickly. Following Talia’s lead, he could see that Donadeir had not looked back, not even once, and had almost made it to the stream crossing. Adam knew that there was a chance that if they could get to their cave, they could defend their position.
Talia’s thoughts raced with her father’s training as she tried to hold her fear in check. The ettin’s size and strength were a clear advantage, but as she reflected on the expressions of their two faces, she concluded that the heads did not think or function in unison.
Behind them, one of the heads growled in their direction with a loud, deep voice, “Ahhhh!” as if it had just discovered what it had been seeking. A second shrillish voice joined in erratically crying out, “Meat, Meat, Meat!”. Adam couldn’t help but think that the second voice sounded much a like an angry bird chirping whereas the first voice had sounded more like the grinding of rocks sliding downhill.
Talia heard the voices as well, two personalities she discerned, trapped in one body. This would be no different than confronting two aggressors who relied on one another to fight in tandem. The most daunting concern that weighed upon her mind was the large beast’s strength. She could feel the earth pounding beneath the weight of the large creature behind her as it gave pursuit. She realized that its speed was going to be a big problem as well since it seemed to be gaining on them very quickly. 
Knowing that the creature was pursuing them, Adam glanced back to see how close it was. The large brute’s right head was focused and fixated on running down its prey, while its other head eagerly looked around, smacking its lips in glee, anticipating that it was about to eat.
Donadeir had finally made it to the stream and was carefully stepping across to get to the western bank. Talia knew that it was good for Dona to make it across first and since she was more experienced in battle, she felt Adam should go second so that she could buy them more time to reach the cave. Talia’s mind was clear and focused as she slightly slowed her pace to let Adam get ahead. She used her free hand to push him forward letting him know that he should be the next in line to cross.
As Donadeir shifted his weight to make the long jump to the biggest boulder, the realization that he would be lost if he was to make it across and his friends did not flooded his mind with fear. That one second of hesitation allowed fear and self doubt to overwhelm poor Donadeir and he panicked.
Adam watched as Donadeir started to leap across the stream. He stared in disbelief as Donadeir’s arms began to swing wildly back.  Donadier had lost his balance when he tried to stop himself from leaping to the next boulder. He knew there was no way he could reach Donadeir if he couldn’t manage to recover on his own. Adam reached out for him anyways, knowing that his attempt was futile as he watched his brother, his friend, fall off balance and crash into the raging waters below.

W.O. CassityAbout the Author:
W.O. Cassity has been an avid fan of all things fantasy and science fiction for more than thirty years. His experiences as a table top gamer and games master inspired him to share his imagination with his children. His first novel titled "Heir Of The Blood King" is the first installment of his fantasy adventure series, Adventures of Adam. Will lives with his wife, four children and two dogs.

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