Wednesday 15 July 2015

The Fog Diver by Joel Ross Review!

23666091Title: The Fog Diver
Author: Joel Ross
Pages: 336
Published: May 26th 2015
Publisher: HarperCollins
Source: Edelweiss
Purchase: Book Depository
A deadly white mist has cloaked the earth for hundreds of years. Humanity clings to the highest mountain peaks, where the wealthy Five Families rule over the teeming lower slopes and rambling junkyards. As the ruthless Lord Kodoc patrols the skies to enforce order, thirteen-year-old Chess and his crew scavenge in the Fog-shrouded ruins for anything they can sell to survive.
Hazel is the captain of their salvage raft: bold and daring. Swedish is the pilot: suspicious and strong. Bea is the mechanic: cheerful and brilliant. And Chess is the tetherboy: quiet and quick…and tougher than he looks. But Chess has a secret, one he’s kept hidden his whole life. One that Lord Kodoc is desperate to exploit for his own evil plans. And even as Chess unearths the crew’s biggest treasure ever, they are running out of time...

My Thoughts:

A unique and adventurous read. 

Chess is the best Fog Diver there is. He has been doing it for years and whereas most people would have the fog sickness by now, Chess doesn't. Though he does have what looks like a swirl of fog in his eye. A fog Divers job is to scavenge useful things from the fog and Chess is very good at it. He has a secret that he has kept from everyone, but that secret is about to be exposed and Chess and his friends lives are about to change forever. 

Well this was all kinds of fun. The idea of the fog was unique and scary. Being in fog always brings thoughts of scary movies ;) Add in the nanites and you have a very clever and unique explanation as to why the world is covered in the deadly fog. 

Chess and his ragged crew were all awesome characters. Well written and developed, I loved the dynamics between each of them. They are all lovable, especially Bea. She was so cute and I loved the idea that she could "talk" to the machines. Swedish was another favourite, he may be tough but he has a kind side too. 

The plot was well fleshed out and flowed nicely. There isn't much time spent in the fog but when he is in it, it's eerie. There is plenty of action and adventure and enough little twists to keep everyone entertained. This is something I just know my boys would love! 

In all it's a thoroughly enjoyable read and one all ages would enjoy. 

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