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Fireflies & Hope From the Ocean by P S Bartlett Blog Tour, Guest Post and Giveaway!

17669298Title: Fireflies
Author: PS Bartlett
Release Day: April 3th, 2013
Genre: Historical Fiction/Paranormal/Historical Irish Fiction


However peculiar Ennis Whelan has been for the first six years of his life, not until the 
day he found the bird, did the degree of his strangeness become so tangible.
Dr. Owen Whelan and his wife Sarah, both Irish immigrants, have been living the 
American dream, as well as raising seven bright and expressive children. Their youngest 
Ennis, however, has since birth, been a bit of a mystery. 
Ennis was always small, meek and frightfully odd but there is so much more to him than 
anyone could have imagined. His sister Teagan grows increasingly suspicious of his 
behavior but their mother dismisses her claims, until the day he starts healing people.
When Ennis ultimately reveals the gift of sight, he questions his father about visions of 
his past, including his voyage to America in 1844. Owen prayed he’d never have to share 
those tragic memories but he will share them, when he realizes he has no choice. Ennis’ 
life may depend on it.

Title: Hope From the Ocean
Author: PS Bartlett
Release Day: May 30th, 2014
Genre: Historical Fiction/Paranormal/Historical Irish Fiction


When Owen Whelan revealed his secret, he was set free from a haunting past and an 
uncertain future for his son, Ennis. However, in order to know the true depths of his 
heart, first we must follow him all the way back to a dirt road on a chilly and bitter spring 
dawn in Ireland. Behind the locked doors of his memories and hidden beneath shame, 
hunger and eventually escape, we learn the true meaning of the proverb, “There’s hope 
from the ocean but none from the grave.” Owen’s journey will teach him that sometimes 
you have to cross that ocean not only to survive but to finally find love, life and become 
the man worthy of your own admiration and respect. 
There are turning points in life you cannot come back from but if you’re brave enough, 
you can begin again.

Guest Post!

10 Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Author

1. Unless you’re already famous for something else; rock star, movie actor, professional 
athlete—you most likely will not sell a million copies of your book—your first book 
let’s say. For Joe Shmo and P.S. Bartlett and many other authors, being successful takes 
a good deal of time, good marketing and a great support base. If you’re hoping to get 
rich quick by being a writer, you may want to get that record deal or Lakers contract 

2. You have to have either a very good memory or be incredibly organized. Between 
scheduling writing time, writing your blog, tweeting, running contests, Facebook pages, 
email addresses, writing your book and not to mention holding down a full time job, 
keeping house, cooking, cleaning and keeping your significant other from leaving you 
due to you forgetting not only their birthday but their name, you may have time to pee 
and walk the cat—I mean dog.

3. It can be a very lonely career. Writers need a lot of solitary time to write. I’ll admit, I’ve 
been writing and someone will come into the room and most often they will ask that all 
too important question, “Are you writing?” but occasionally the matter is important to 
them. Forgive them because they don’t realize you’re right in the middle of taking down 
an army of giant trolls and when you read back over what you wrote later, try not to 
get upset with them when your troll has forgotten to do their homework and needs an 
excuse note for their teacher or they’ve set the kitchen on fire. 

4. People want your swag. If you’re not an author and you’re reading this, no, they do 
not want your lovely new curtains, they want goodies that show off your books. There 
is a bit of an investment involved but it’s oh so worth when your fans want something 
special to go with their books. Bookmarks, buttons, charms and t-shirts make great swag 
but always remember your fans love your books and they are going to want some swag 
so you better have it ready.

5. Getting published is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (and other fairy tales). There are literally millions 
of books on Amazon alone—go look if you don’t believe me. Looks pretty simple doesn’t 
it? (I’ll be right back I’m rolling on the floor laughing). Even if you become frustrated 
with the process of querying agents and publishers and decide to self-publish your book, 
there are plenty of really nice and friendly people waiting in line to take your money and 
help you do just that—choose wisely. Do background checks if you have to but please 

6. Depending on which genre you write in, you must do your research. Nero didn’t smoke 
cigars—neither did pirates. I’ll bet you didn’t know that did you? Okay well even if you 
claim you did, do you have to be 100% historically accurate? Well yes, you should. Of 
course you can use your imagination to create new scenarios, for instance Abraham 
Lincoln as a vampire hunter but if old Abe whips out his iPod or says, “Hey, pass the 
Grey Poupon,” I’m sorry but your more experienced reader is gonna close the book on 

7. I didn’t know authors were zombies. I’ve learned to accomplish more things while half 
asleep than some people do wide awake—I think. Well I try. Okay I thought I did those 

8. Social networking is very important but don’t beg. If you’re a new author, currently 
writing your first novel or even thinking about it, you better have a Facebook, a Twitter, 
a Google+ and a blog at the very least or you are already way behind. The irony of all of 
this is under point number 3. I compare this lifestyle to living like a gopher. In the hole, 
out of the hole. In the hole, out of the hole. We hide and write and in the next breath, 
we stick our head out, make a bunch of really cool new friends, say hello to our fans and 
then run back in our holes. Please, just don’t bombard people with “Over here! Look at 
me! PLEASE look at me! WILL YOU FREAKING LOOK OVER HERE!!!” Build relationships. 
Support your fellow writers and above all, don’t steal their golf balls.

9. Not everyone likes you and once you’re published, they may like you even less. As we 
strive to write that perfect, wonderful book that of course everyone wants to read and it 
miraculously gets published and we’re deliriously happy and sharing our happiness with 
anyone who will listen on every social media site and at every cocktail party or barbeque 
we attend, there is someone or someones lurking and guess what—they don’t like you, 
never did and they’ll be mean to you. They’ll give you anonymous bad reviews or say 
not so nice things about your book—since it is of course the source of your happiness. 
The answer to this is very simple. Write them into your next novel and kill them. Done.

10. People will like you and they’ll love your book. The most incredible feeling you get 
when your book is published and you start receiving feedback from complete strangers 
as to how good or even great it is will blow you away. Besides the birth of my children and grandchildren, giving birth to my first novel and holding it in my hands for the 
first time was nothing short of euphoria. Within its pages or gigabytes lies your blood, 
sweat and tears. It’s an asexual reproduction of your deepest thoughts and your wildest 
dreams, and you don’t need an epidural or puff puff blow to bring it into the world—
however, a little shot of tequila or in my case RumChata to welcome its arrival never 
hurt anybody.

Author Bio:

I was born on Valentine’s Day a long, long time ago in South Baltimore, Maryland, less 
than a mile from Fort McHenry and Federal Hill. I’m the youngest of eleven children. 
I’m a very simple person. I love my life and am always striving to make it better 
for myself and my family. I write, I draw and I work full-time. I also paint beautiful 
watercolors with my three year old granddaughter. 

I’ve been married for nearly 19 years and together we have two sons and a daughter. I’d 
call myself a football fan but I mostly only watch my home team, the World Champion 
Baltimore Ravens. I love super heroes and Superman has been my favorite since I was 
a little girl. June 2013 the new Superman movie “Man of Steel” arrives in theaters and 
it cannot get here soon enough for me. I love cats and I have a Maine Coon named 



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