Saturday 5 April 2014

The Eight Day by Dianne K Salerni eARC Review!

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Title : The Eight Day
Author : Dianne K Salerni
Pages : 320
Published : April 22nd 2014 by HarperCollins
Source : Edelweiss

In this riveting fantasy adventure, thirteen-year-old Jax Aubrey discovers a secret eighth day with roots tracing back to Arthurian legend. Fans of Percy Jackson will devour this first book in a new series that combines exciting magic and pulse-pounding suspense.

When Jax wakes up to a world without any people in it, he assumes it's the zombie apocalypse. But when he runs into his eighteen-year-old guardian, Riley Pendare, he learns that he's really in the eighth day—an extra day sandwiched between Wednesday and Thursday. Some people—like Jax and Riley—are Transitioners, able to live in all eight days, while others, including Evangeline, the elusive teenage girl who's been hiding in the house next door, exist only on this special day.

And there's a reason Evangeline's hiding. She is a descendant of the powerful wizard Merlin, and there is a group of people who wish to use her in order to destroy the normal seven-day world and all who live in it. Torn between protecting his new friend and saving the entire human race from complete destruction, Jax is faced with an impossible choice. Even with an eighth day, time is running out.

My Thoughts : 

When Jaxs' dad dies, a stranger turns up and says that it is his dads' wish for Jax to live with him. Jax is stunned that no one puts up a fight but sends him off with this stranger. Riley is only young and not ready for someone like Jax. 

One day Jax wakes up to silence. The clocks aren't working, there's no noise, when he goes outside he doesn't see a single soul. He thinks its the zombie apocalypse!! He breaks into a supermarket and grabs whatever cans etc he can and bunkers down at home. He eventually falls asleep and next morning when he wakes everything is back to normal. What happened? Why isn't anyone as freaked out as he is? 

He finds out that he is descendant from a bloodline that allows him access to an Eight day between Wednesday and Thursday, they are called Transitioners. In this Eight day there are a race of people who only live in the Eight day. What is a week for Jax is only a day for Evangeline. When some of these Eight day want to break the spell holding them there its up to Jax and the Transitioners to stop them. 

I went into The Eight Day not knowing anything about it and with no expectations and boy was I pleasantly surprised with it. Its one of those books that when your reading it you become immersed into and when you look up an hour has gone by. 

Jax was a breath of fresh air. I loved how he thought the Zombie Apocalypse was happening!! He was sweet, funny and a normal 13 year old with a big secret. He wants to be Evangelines friend because he feels sorry for her being stuck in that house with no one to talk to. He is so nice and kind that Evangeline looks forward to talking to him. His relationship with Riley was strained at the start but slowly they came to rely on each other and became friends. 

Evangeline is descendant from Merlin, who helped cast the spell of the Eight day. Since she was small she has been hid away from the people who want to use her to break the spell. She hasn't seen her brother or sister and talked to nobody in a long time. Riley is her jailer and guardian. When Jax first tries to make friends, she refuses to talk to him but slowly she finds herself looking forward to him coming. I really felt for her, she was lonely and trapped! I loved how Jax and her were nothing but friends and how they cemented their friendship. 

Riley is descendant from King Arthur. He is the last Pendare and if anyone knew he was alive, well then he wouldn't be for long. He is a leader of sorts and is Evangelines guardian.  He takes Jax in but is hesitant to trust him yet and even when Jax becomes a transitioner, he is still hesitant to bring him into this life. A lot of the transitioners use the Eight Day for their own gain and Riley tries to steer Jax away from having to deal with it. He was an awesome character. I loved ho he was with Jax and look forward to more.

The author has created a fascinating world filled with magic and mayhem. The whole premise is unique and intriguing and will grip you from the start. Its full of action, suspense and adventure. How the author weaved a story about an Eight day and steeped it in an Arthurian tale was pure genius. Not once did the pace slow down nor become anything other than enjoyable. A fantastic start and I look forward to more from this author. 


  1. Gosh how did I miss this book? It sounds really intriguing! Thanks a lot :D

    Munira@ In Vogue with Books