Thursday 12 March 2015

Empty Shell by Ashley Fontainne Audiobook Review!

    Empty Shell | [Ashley Fontainne]
  • Written by: Ashley Fontainne
  • Narrated by: Sara Morsey
  • Length: 12 hrs and 45 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook

  • Release Date:12-01-14
  • Publisher: RMSW Press

  • A pair of pink, silk underwear… 

  • The quiet world of Melody and Jack Dickinson is about to be turned upside down. Twenty years of marriage hangs in the balance when Melody finds out about Jack’s infidelity. The betrayal is made worse when Melody discovers his lover is Serena Rowland, a young woman who works at Melody’s law firm. 

  • A receipt from an overpriced hotel… 

  • Harsh words are exchanged before Melody storms off to work, determined to have Serena fired. But when Melody hears Serena was murdered over the weekend, everything changes. Serena’s body is found beaten and strangled with a pair of pink, silk panties, in the same hotel that Jack had admitted staying at over the weekend. Within seconds of hearing the news, Melody’s life spins out of control when Jack calls in a panic. The police are at their home to arrest him for Serena’s murder. 

  • Pictures of a young woman’s scantily clad torso on a cell phone… 

  • Was she married to a monster? One who beat and strangled the young woman to death, or was Jack set up? Did Melody’s own dark secret, hidden inside her heart for years, have something to do with the nightmare they suddenly find themselves in? 

  • Melody and Jack are about to discover that one fateful mistake will destroy many.
  • My Thoughts :

    This is the second book I've read by Ashley Fontainne and honestly she is fast becoming an author that I will read anything by her. She is a master of suspense and intrigue!! 

    Melodys life is changed forever when she finds a pair of panties in her husbands briefcase. It's not just the fact that her husband cheated on her with someone she works with, it's the fact that that someone turned up beaten to death in the hotel room where the affair was taking place, it's also the fact that her husband is the number one suspect and is arrested for the murder! How is she supposed to live with the fact that her husband is a monster? Despite his continued declaration of innocence, the evidence is overwhelming and she may just have to face the facts. But is all as it seems? Who can Melody believe and how can she piece her life back together?

    So ya, this book was so so good. I flew through this book in a matter of 2 days and was sad to turn the last page. 

    My heart broke for Melody so any times. Her life is turned on it's axis and poor Melody struggles to fix it. She loves her husband and is heartbroken when she finds out he cheated. They haven't been getting on well lately but Melody never thought he could betray her so completely. Then to hear that he may be a murderer!! It devastated her but she plows along because what else is there to do. She was such a strong character and I loved that about her. What she has to go through through out the book was horrible yet she kept her belief and her fighting spirit. 

    This author sure knows how to throw the reader off the scent. At no stage did I figure out the villain and for me that is a major bonus! I thought I knew who it was but I had no idea! She also makes her characters so believable and easily relatable. They are well thought out and developed. 

    Overall, Empty Shell was a magnificent and thrilling read. Through out the story there are twists and turns that will leave you reeling. There is betrayal, death, mystery and lies as well as shocking secrets revealed. You are left with a sense of shock and awe at the way Ashley Fontainne can grab you and leave you breathless. 

    I listened to the audio of this and loved it! Sara Morsey really did an awesome job of portraying Melody and her strength as well as her sorrow. She had a way of telling the story that was effortless and appealing. 


  1. Thank you for such an outstanding review! Thrilled you enjoyed the gripping journey of Melody Dickinson.