Friday 13 March 2015

Unseen by Amber Lynn Natusch Review!

23743775Title : Unseen
Author : Amber Lynn Natusch
Pages : 286
Published : February 17th 2015
Publisher : 47North
Source : Netgalley
Purchase : Amazon/ Book Depository

Welcome to the Kingdom of Hades, where even its prodigal princess sleeps lightly.
After fighting Soul Stealers in Detroit, Khara hoped to return home to find answers in her father's realm. But the land of the dead offers little information, and far too much tragedy. Now cut off from her brothers, and left only with her dark and unreliable companion Oz, Khara must navigate the centuries-old webs of deceit and betrayal, all while eluding the Underworld's most depraved inhabitant. But she soon finds an unexpected ally in her adopted sister Persephone. Together, they endeavor to right a terrible wrong. And as Khara soon discovers, there's more riding on her success than she ever thought possible.
My Thoughts : 

Khara goes back to the Underworld, with the help of Oz, to get some answers about her mother. But no one seems willing to tell her much of anything. Hades realm seems to be falling apart and Khara is finding it hard to get anyone to listen to her. When some of her brothers arrive in the Underworld looking for her, Khara knows she is running out of time to find the answers, but when tragedy befalls someone she cares for, her mission changes to righting the terrible wrong and saving his soul. 

In this edition, Khara is still almost robotic but less so than the first. She shows a bot more emotion but I still found it hard ot connect to her. She is extremely reckless in Unseen and doesn't heed anyones warnings, she just keeps doing what she wants to get the answers she wants. That is until all of a sudden her mission changes, which I found quite weird to be honest. She was so focused on one thing and suddenly the book took a turn and felt like a different story. I didn't think the plot flowed at all. 

Once again the plot plods along until the end. This series had so much potential but it just falls flat. The emotionless MC and the telling rather than showing make for a boring read at times. That's not to say that the whole book is boring because it's not. The bit of action we see is good but there's just not enough. 

There was one section that I was really confused about and that's the part with the Dark Ones. I'm still not sure what or why they came!! If anyone has read it and wants to chime up and let me know then please do!!

Talking of Dark Ones, we still don't get a sense of what they are. There is too much unanswered things in the books for my liking.

I know this is quite a negative review but I did like this overall. It kept me reading, which is always a plus. I'm curious enough to keep reading the series but I need more from these books!! The brothers are the best thing about the books. Their different personalities and comic antics bring a refreshing aspect to the book and I hope they play a bigger part in the next book! 

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