Saturday 28 March 2015

Etherworld by Claudia Gabel & Cheryl Klam Review!

22754651Title : Etherworld
Author : Claudia Gabel & Cheryl Klam
Pages ; 352
Published : March 31st 2015
Publisher : Katherine Tegen Books
Source : Edelweiss
Purchase : Amazon/ Book Depository/ iTunes

In this sequel to Elusion, three teens fight a virtual reality program that threatens to destroy their minds. Dangerous secrets and lies add up to a thrilling futuristic fantasy with an Inception-inspired twist.
Elusion was hailed as an exciting leap in technology—until users began to disappear amid rumors of addiction. Regan’s search for the truth led her and her new love interest, Josh, to Etherworld. Etherworld is a dimension hidden deep beyond Elusion's firewall, where players can hide, and ultimately fight back. Regan's father and others are here working to destroy Etherworld, but the longer they stay the less likely they'll be able to return to the real world alive.
Escape means attacking Elusion from within the program. It's dangerous and it’s a puzzle. And even if they manage it, how will they be able to stop Orexis from distributing Elusion to the masses when the people who run it are corrupt?

My Thoughts : 

This is book 2 and the concluding book in this duology! I loved book one, Elusion, and couldn't wait for Etherworld to come out. It doesn't disappoint either because, dare I say it, it was even better than book 1. There was a little less romance but a lot more action!

When we left book 1, Regan was trapped in Etherworld with Josh, her dad and a host of other teens. This sees Regan trying to escape the Etherworld and find and save her dad. though will anyone believe her is she does get free? Just how is she to bring down Elusion and Orexis?

Once again, Regan is awesome. She is so brave and selfless. She will do anything to right the wrong of Elusion, no matter the threat to her. I loved her even more in this one because she is stronger ans surer of herself. 

Josh is the same as last time. He is a constant in Regans life and is her rock. I loved their relationship and friendship. 

Patrick is torn between his mother and Regan. He knows everything there is to know about Elusion, but when he learns just how bad things are, he is devastated. He really struggles in this one with what to believe but I loved that when he finds out the truth, he immediately sets out to right the wrong. 

Plot wise, even with Elusion, I struggled with the plot a bit. It's such an intricate idea, Elusion, and all the codes, and technical things went a little over my head, but saying that, I didn't once get lost! I knew exactly what was happening and loved every minute. 

The writing and attention to detail was phenomenal. The authors wrapped up every little thing perfectly and I was well satisfied with the ending! I'm so glad Patrick got the ending he did as well!!

Overall this was an amazing ending to an even better duology. It's an extremely fast paced and thrilling read. It is packed with secrets, deception, thrills and enough tense moments to keep you flying through the pages. I loved everything about it and would highly recommend it! 

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