Monday 30 March 2015

Victim Souls by Andrew Terech Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Welcome to the Victim Souls by Andrew Terech Blog Tour! I have a wonderful Excerpt for you below but the tour is full of Interviews, Reviews and Guest Posts too, so check out the full schedule HERE.

Victim Souls by Andrew Terech 
Publication date: November 8th 2014 
Genres: Horror, Young Adult

Sometimes, only bad guys can beat the Devil…The plan is simple: get the money and deliver the car. What could possibly go wrong?What can’t?Things start to go south when Sam Drake realizes that his brother Johnny is hiding something, a secret about Sam’s troubled childhood that goes beyond his most feverish nightmares…Then Johnny’s girlfriend, Ash, starts sending Sam the kind of mixed signals that can only lead to big trouble…As the trio of small time crooks falls deeper into an abyss of betrayal and violence, they will discover that the greatest danger they face is not of this world.With everything he believes about himself and the world around him shattered, Sam will become the unlikely champion in a battle with true evil, a fight to save a soul that has already been forfeited to darkness.His own.


Excerpt : 

My hands dragged along the rough floor. Rocks pressed into my knees as I crawled through nothingness. One of the guards had sliced its claws across my chest. The wound wasn’t deep, but it burned badly. 
I couldn’t see a damn thing. I might as well have closed my eyes. A gauntlet of chains with what felt like hooks dangled from somewhere above, so I kept low. 
Silence plugged my ears. 
The room stunk like a mound of death, a scent I had become all too familiar with. I imagined a mass of mutilated corpses hanging from a web of torture, dripping the byproducts of their decay all around me. Discouraged, I wanted to call out; to demand to be tortured, or whatever they had in store for me in this godforsaken place. Instead, I kept my head down and moved forward, unwilling to give in to my frustration.
My knees ached, so I paused and rested a moment. Hoping to stand, I reached above to feel if it was safe. Nothing. My muscles tightened as I rose expecting one of the hooks to swing into my jaw. I got to my feet in one piece.
“Hello?” I asked the void. 
The echo of my own voice answered back. If I still had a normal threshold for fear, I’d have lost my shit. My head pulsed, as saliva pooled in my mouth, begging for a smoke. Empty pockets didn’t stop me from checking for a lone cigarette. I froze as my hand grasped Riley’s lighter. I didn’t even know I had it. I flipped the lid open. Did I really want to see what was in this place?
After a few spark-filled attempts, a small blue and orange flame came to life. It stood eerily still in the dense, stagnant air. I scanned my surroundings. A hook with a large barb on the end hung from the bottom link of a chain— it looked thick enough to string up an elephant. I held the light closer. Small spots of rust formed at its base, but other than that, it was surprisingly clean. The flame weakened and drifted away, sinking me back into darkness. 
I flicked the lighter on again. Thankfully it still had enough juice. I held it above my head. Several chains disappeared into the darkness above; more giant hooks, but no dead bodies. The smell must have been coming from somewhere else. 
Heat built up on my thumb and began to burn. I dropped the lighter. Its echo skipped like a rock. “Shit!” I yelled as I flapped my hand, and stuck my burnt finger in my mouth. 
I crouched, reaching out to grab it, shuffling the darkness. My hand caressed something warm and flesh-like. Fingers. They twitched. I gasped and yanked my hand back. 
“Who’s there?”


Andrew’s a horror fiction writer who is also a massive fan of the genre. He’s been writing short stories and working on his novel for over 5 years. He has several short stories published, as well as some editing credits. He moderates a writing workshop in Phoenix, AZ where he’s been exposed to many different forms of fiction, which have broadened his influences. He aims to write stories that creep out his readers, while offering well-developed, rich characters they can sink their teeth into. He’s also a fan of experimenting with form and structure to create something uniquely my own.
Andrew grew up on Long Island in New York, and has lived in Arizona for the past 7 years. His professional background is in psychology where he’s carved out a nice career for himself. However, writing has always been his passion.
Currently, he’s hard at work, developing additional content to publish. He hopes to find an audience that loves the genre, and is up for a good scare.

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