Wednesday 23 December 2015

Audiobook Review: The Dark Portal by E.G Foley!

    The Dark Portal Audiobook
  • Written by: E.G. Foley
  • Narrated by: Jamie du Pont MacKenzie
  • Length: 9 hrs and 35 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook

  • Release Date:01-30-14
  • Publisher: Foley Publications
  • From the imagination of New York Times best-selling author, E.G. Foley, comes Book Three in The Gryphon Chronicles, a rollicking, adventure-filled historical fantasy series that's as much fun for grownups as it is for kids.The Pickpocket Who Inherited a GoldmineAfter his harsh beginnings as a rough-and-tumble orphan on the streets of London, Jake Everton takes his rightful place as the long-lost heir of an aristocratic family with magical powers - his personal quest, to follow in his slain parents’ footsteps as a Lightrider in the age-old battle of good versus evil. In the fantastical nooks and crannies of the Victorian Age, Jake and his friends (including his pet Gryphon!) find no shortage of adventure - righting magic-related wrongs, solving supernatural mysteries, and exploring wondrous new worlds.A Dark Presence…Something stalks a quaint town in the misty mountains of Wales, attacking humans and magic folk alike. Jake and his friends must get to the bottom of it - and in the land of deep, dwarven mines, the bottom can be very dark, indeed."A wonderful novel in the same vein as Harry Potter, full of nonstop action, magical creatures, and the reality that was Queen Victoria’s England." (The Reading Café)

My Thoughts:

This series just gets better and better with each book! It's fast becoming one of my favourites, and indeed, on of my kids favourites!

This one is a bit darker and scarier than the rest but I loved that! Jake finds himself in Wales this time, visiting his mine, when strange things start happening! One thing I love about these books is the settings. The authors manage to pick the perfect setting for each story. This is no different, Wales is a beautiful place, add in a spooky mine, small village and you have a winner!

Jake once again is such an exceptional character. He struggles with a lot of things but always does his best. At first he struggles with his wealth and finds it hard to deal with, but because of his friends, he snaps out of it. The character development from a pickpocket to what he is now is phenomenal.

The plot is, once again, amazing. As I said, it's a bit darker and scarier than the rest but I think it needed to be. Jake always finds himself in trouble so a little scary is needed! Even though it's darker, it doesn't loose its trade mark wit, that I've come to love! We still get the funny, we just have an added tenseness this timw, which makes the story extraordinary.

There isn't a lot more I can say about this without spoiling it, other than if you haven't read these books then you really need to! It has everything an amazing book needs! The authors have really captures my attention and my heart with these books and I can't recommend it enough! From it's fantastical creatures, to it's phenomenal writing, this is a must read for any age!!

*I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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