Thursday 10 December 2015

Audiobook Review: Grim Tidings by Amanda M. Lee!

Grim(ace) while you work....Aisling Grimlock is having a bad week. Well, actually, she's having a bad life - not that she's complaining. Okay, she's totally complaining.After being laid off from her secretarial position, she has no choice but to join the family business, and now she's a full-time grim reaper. That's right. She collects and transfers souls to the hereafter.Cool, huh? Not quite.On the second day of her new job, Aisling (literally!) stumbles over a dead body that's not on her list and the stakes are suddenly raised because, when a name isn't on the list, that means someone stole it (and that's never a good thing).Aisling's family, which consists of a tempestuous father and four overbearing older brothers, are hot on the case - but the answers they're coming up with aren't exactly soothing.It seems a contingent of wraiths have descended on the area, and they're not just dangerous for unsuspecting souls and the general populace. The Grimlock family is at risk, too.If that weren't bad enough, Aisling finds herself inexplicably drawn to Detective Griffin Taylor - the police officer who considers her a murder suspect. Oh, and she's a wraith-magnet - although, truth be told, she's more interested in Detective Taylor.Aisling is determined to prove that she has what it takes to be a great reaper - even if it means risking her life and proving her father and brothers wrong when it comes to her competence level.When things finally become clear, will Aisling survive long enough to make things right? Or, will she fall prey to the wraiths and the individual controlling them?

My Thoughts:

I hadn't heard of this before prior to seeing it come up for review, but I loved the sound of it and eagerly started. Well, i'm so happy to say that this was fantastic. Such a fun yet addictive read! 

The plot was fast paced and gripping. It centers around a family of reapers who collect the souls on their list. Aisling is the only girl in the family of boys and she never intended to be part of the "family business", yet when she loses her job she has no other choice. She is only on the job a few days when souls that aren't on the lists are being taken, not only that, but some of her souls are been taken! She realises that somw wraiths have entered their territory and are stealing souls. She needs to find out who their master is and stop them before it's too late. During this time, she becomes a suspect in "murders" that keep happening around her. Detective Taylor is intent on finding the culprit but keeps coming back to Aisling Grimlock, how is she involved? 

The characters were fantastic!!! I loved every single one of them. Aisling was funny, strong, independent and did I mention funny!!! Jerry is Aislings gay roommate who has the hots for her brother, I adored Jerry!! So fun yet a rock for Aisling. The Grimlock brothers were all amazing too, each of them were so protective of Aisling and would do anything for each other. The enigmatic Detective Taylor was a surprise love interest for Aisling, yet it works well. I loved the dynamics between them and look forward to seeing where their relationship goes. 

Anyway, this was such a fun and snarky book. I found myself giggling and snickering a lot and ended up listening to it within 2 days. I couldn't get enough of this family and their business!! I can not wait for the next installment of this witty and addicting series. 

Karen Krause did a great job with the voices. I never had a problem following who was talking. She gave each character their own personalities and I really enjoyed her narration. 

*I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.* 

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