Monday 21 December 2015

Audiobook Review: Dead Cells by Adam Millard!

Dead Cells Audiobook
  • Written by: Adam Millard
  • Narrated by: Luke Smith
  • Length: 5 hrs and 52 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook

  • Release Date:03-13-15
  • Publisher: Adam Millard

  • As a prisoner in one of the most brutal facilities imaginable, Shane Bridge thought that he'd seen it all. Surrounded by murderers, rapists, gangsters, and pedophiles, Shane had managed to survive his three years in one piece. With parole just around the corner, and his wife and daughter at home awaiting his return, Shane has high hopes for the future. When a new inmate is brought in, carrying with him a deadly virus, Shane soon realizes that his plans, his release, and his very survival are in jeopardy. With the virus spreading, turning guards and inmates into flesh-eating zombies, it's up to a few survivors to figure out how to escape the facility, how to get along - and how to stay alive.

My Thoughts:

Shane is an average man. He's never been in trouble before but now finds himself in prison. One stupid action has caused him to spend time in jail with murderers, rapists, gangsters
and paedophiles. He is up for parole soon and looking forward to getting back to his life with his wife and daughter. But when a new inmate arrives, bringing with him a deadly virus, it's up to Shane and a handful of survivours, to get out alive!

I have to admit that the concept of an outbreak in a prison really enticed me. Despite reading a lot of Zombie books, I never gave any thought to what would happen in a place where you are locked up! This is a new aspect of the genre for me, and I totally loved it! Imagine having a Zombie outbreak happen but you are locked up in a prison, with no hope of escape!! That is exactly what happens to Shane. He has to navigate the locked rooms and find an escape before it's too late.

I really liked Shanes character. He made one stupid decision but is paying the price. Despite his stint in jail, he wants nothing more than to put the past behind him and look after his wife and daughter. When the outbreak happens, his one thought is always of his family. That's what sees him through, and I admired his strength and tenacity.

The plot was fast paced, though I would of liked a little more back story on the origins of the virus. It just kind of happens and we get no idea from where or how? I also wanted a little more of an in depth look at the characters. There are quite a few but we don't get a sense of who they are. Also the time it took people to turn to zombies changed all the time, some changed quickly, while others it took days. Now I know that maybe the virus progressed but it should of been explained more. Other than that, I loved the idea of the outbreak in the prison. Even with the things I wanted, the story kept my attention throughout, and I was rooting for Shane all the time.

In all this is a action packed and addictive read. The setting was perfect and added extra tension. There were plenty of edge of your seat moments! I thoroughly enjoyed this and look forward to book 2!

This is my first listen by Luke Smith, and  thought he did a great job. Easy to listen to and follow, he held my attention throughout.

*I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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