Monday 14 December 2015

Sock Monster by Stacey E. Campbell Blog Tour and Giveaway!


Welcome to my tour stop for Sock Monster by Stacey E. Campbell! This is a children's picture book and the tour runs December 14-18 with reviews. Check out the tour page for the full schedule.

SM cover 10-21-15About the Book:
When Billy refuses to pick up his clothes the sock monster comes to teach him a lesson.

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Reviewed by Michelle Robertson for Readers' Favorite

What is a mom to do to when she walks into your room and finds a shirt, a sock, and more clothes on the floor? Why, she tells you the tale of the Sock Monster, of course. What is a Sock Monster, you ask? Let your shirts, your socks, and pants lie about the room, and you may soon find out the answers you seek!
Sock Monster written by Stacey R. Campbell is a charming children’s pictorial book introducing young readers the concepts of responsibility, tidiness, and consequences. Stacey Campbell knows how to appeal to readers of all ages. The plot of Sock Monster is not only a fun story for children to read or have read to them, but it is also a great resource for parents or guardians to utilize within their home environment. What adult wouldn’t want to find a way to get children to pick up their dirty clothes?

As a parent myself, I can’t speak for all who are around children or have them, but it is nearly impossible to get children to pick up their toys, let alone laundry. Upon reading this book to my young daughter, I asked her, “Do you have laundry on your bedroom floor?” She responded with, “Yes, oh no, the sock monster will visit me tonight, I better go clean it up.” And clean it up she did. Children’s books are meant to educate or entertain small children. Sock Monster certainly does both with its pages filled with vibrantly colored illustrations, and a creatively thought out modern day “folk tale." 

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My Thoughts:

As every parent knows, it's nearly impossible to get your child to clean their room so this is a cute, though scary way to get you little one to do the chore! 

I have 4 boys and trust me when I say that their rooms look like a clothes bomb went off in them!! You can't walk into them without stepping on clothes. I said I'd give this book a go to see could I get my 5 yr old to clean. So I read it to him and while he enjoyed the pictures and story, it did scare him a little. He wouldn't go to bed without me checking under it for him in case the monster was there. I read it to him in the morning but it stayed with him throughout the day, and it still didn't get him to clean up!!! Lol.

It's a wonderfully written and illustrated story but I think if your child is easily scared (because my little man is) then maybe leave it till they are a few years older. Even a few weeks after reading he sometimes gets me to check under the bed. 

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Stacey R. Campbell lives in Washington state with her husband and three daughters. She is a graduate of the University of Washington and a dyslexic writer that believes there is no such thing as a bad reader.  She is the author of the young adult novels Hush, Whisper, Scream & Silence, the highly acclaimed middle grade swashbuckling pirate book ARRGH!  and the newly released picture book Sock Monster. When not at her desk writing she can be found hiking, sailing, or skiing. She enjoys chocolate in any shape or size, too many cups of coffee, and laughing (often too loudly, as her daughters say) with her friends and family. Stacey is available for classroom visits and loves working with writers and readers of any age; especially those with learning disabilities, like her own. Learn more about Stacey R. Campbell and her up coming releases by visiting her website at

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  1. Sounds like such a cute book! This would be perfect for my sister who has 5 messy kids😄

  2. I would love this for my granddaughter. I would always tell my daughters the sock monster put their socks in mismatched pairs or ate them when we couldn't find one.

  3. I liked the review, thank you.

  4. Oh no, I'm sorry it scared him! My 6 year old is really easily scared but I guess he interpreted it differently and this one didn't affect him. And maybe being a little older he was able to understand things a little different. Thanks for hosting a tour stop and sharing your thoughts!

    1. I think if he was a little older he may have been less scared but I do think I'll read it again to him in the future. It's a cute read.

  5. What a fun way to teach children!

  6. I need this for my kids! I'd be doing laundry and I'd find a shirt tucked underneath the sofa, or in the shoe closet. I am constantly buying new socks for my youngest because I have no clue where all her socks are disappearing to. Either the washer and dryer loves her socks, or there really is a sock monster.

    1. Lol, I think every parent can relate with you!! I'm constantly finding socks in the unlikeliest places, though they are all odd!!

  7. This book sounds like such a fun, happy read! Looking forward to checking out this book.