Friday 6 December 2013

Across the Wire by Stella Telleria Book Blitz, Guest Post and Giveaway!

Title : Across the Wire 
Author : Stella Telleria
Publication date: November 2013
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction


When Mia Mitchell, a hardcore but lonely former Marine, steps into an alley to pull some thugs off an unlucky foreigner, she walks into a fight she expects. What she doesn’t see coming is the foreigner making her a job offer any sane person would refuse. So, she takes it. She thinks she’s headed for some third-world country; instead she’s mysteriously transported to an Earth-like parallel world. That’s a mad left-hook.
Mia discovers a matriarchal dystopia where freedom doesn’t exist and fighting for it means execution. Lethal force bends all to the law; women fear for their families and un-wed men suffer slavery. Mia’s job is to train an underground syndicate of male freedom-fighters for a violent revolution. However, the guys don’t want a pair of X chromosomes showing them the way.
Eben, an escaped slave, is encouraged by Mia to become a leader among the men. But when he turns his quiet determination on her, it spells F.U.B.A.R. for cynical Mia. Their unexpected connection threatens more than her exit strategy; it threatens the power struggle festering with in the syndicate.
Haunted by nightmares and post-traumatic stress, unsure who to trust or how to get home, Mia struggles to stay alive as she realizes all is not what it seems.


All my life I’ve dreamed of stories or have had my nose buried in one. I live in Edmonton, Canada with my husband and my weird sense of humor.

I love old war movies, dystopian fiction, and any story with action, a good plot, and characters I'd get into a fight at the pub for. Not that I'm a brawler or anything. Unless you think that out-of-print book or vintage piece at the thrift shop is going home with you instead of me. Then, my friend, the gloves are off.

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Meet the Characters

At 26, Mia Mitchell has had her fair share of tragedy. During her first tour in Iraq, she was badly injured in more than just the physical department. A few tours later, an emotionally detached Mia is honorably discharged from the Marines and struggles to remember what life should feel like. Nightmares and PTSD are all she knows and the motto “keep moving” has kept her afloat amidst the psychological storm following her.

When she’s approached by Vuri, a strange man with an agenda of his own, she decides to take on the stranger’s cause. A cause that will take her to the parallel world of Gaia and into an entirely different fight. A fight that highlights the holes in her life and helps her find the softer side she thought died in a ranger grave long ago.

I’ve always envisioned Rhona Mitra as Mia. She’s just so believable in that kick-ass hardcore female role.

Vuri, a middle-aged foreigner, approaches Mia on the streets of San Francisco with an offer she finds both interesting and mysterious. He offers Mia the opportunity to teach self-defense and her other survival skills to a group of refugees whom due to gender and law, are banned from such teachings. She is skeptical but is convinced by Vuri she is perfect for the job.

Vuri is from Gaia, a parallel world where women rule, men are servants, and all fear the Empress. He is one of four Elders whom are trying to liberate the male population of his country, Beyal. He is cunning, manipulative, and no one knows much of his past except for his refined speech that indicates he’s never been a slave. Mia isn’t the only one with secrets.

Liam Neeson, or at least a shorter version of him, would be great for Vuri. He is a great actor who could easily play the role of friend or enemy.

Eben’s name is the perfect description of him; a rock. He is a 28-year-old slave who has worked in a mine since before he can remember and is slowly dying from an infection in his lungs common to miners. He had never examined his life too closely until a fellow slave told him stories of the outside world.

No longer content with his life, he dreams of escape even if it means death, for even death would be a release. But his duty to his childhood friend and fellow slave, Gavin, keep him from trying. Once freed by Mia from the mine, he loses all sense of himself. But his keen intellect and his drive to rise above being a slave have him joining Mia’s revolution. Eben is the perpetual survivor.

Dwayne Johnson, AKA the Rock (now there’s a coincidence), would be perfect for playing the role of Eben. He’s no pretty boy but has a soft side most might not notice.

Gavin, childhood friend of Eben, is a 24-year-old labor slave. Gavin has always had his way with the female sentries at the mine, earning him perks others covet. But Gavin has always relied upon Eben for protection from the other male slaves. After all, his smart mouth is always getting him in trouble. Sold to the mine as a child, unlike Eben, Gavin remembers his previous life and is bitter and cynical about everything as a result.

Once freed from the mine by Mia, Gavin cannot understand Eben’s desire to overcome his slave origins and challenge society’s doctrine. He thinks he and Eben should just look out for themselves, but it isn’t long before Gavin’s ideas start to change as well. These once friends find themselves being pulled apart as their desires have them challenging each other. Freedom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Alex Pettyfer is the charismatic, blond pretty-boy I’ve envisioned for Gavin from the start.

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