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For Your Heart by A.L. Davroe Blog Tour, Guest Post and Review!

Title : For Your Heart
Author : A L Davroe
Genre YA Paranormal Romance
Date Published: 10/31/2013

Experience THE BALLAD OF TAM LIN like you've never read it before…

It has been seven years since Jeanette Sauderheim followed her best friend into Carver Hall Park...and came out alone. Jeanette has never gotten over his mysterious disappearance nor has she gone back into the park. While that traumatic night still haunts her, Jeanette distracts herself by balancing her time between trying to pass Spanish, hanging out with her friends, and reading the latest manga.

But, when a promise to a friend drives her back into the park, she's forced to re-live the memories of that night. Lost and confused, Jeanette crosses paths with Tamrin, whose violent reaction to her provides yet another reason to avoid the park.

Tamrin, a knight of the Summer Court, has been sent to Earth to guard a garden of roses that hold special meaning to the queen of the Summer faeries. When his distraction at meeting Jeanette leads to her picking one of the Summer Queen’s roses, Tamrin vows to right his failure to do his duty. 

However, the equivalent of one of the queen’s roses is a human heart and Tamrin’s reluctance to readily exact the sum from Jeanette sets in motion a spiral of love, betrayal, and magic that could mean damnation for them both.

*This is an Upper YA paranormal romance novel with NA and contemporary fantasy appeal.

Goodreads :

A.L. Davroe

A.L. Davroe writes both YA and adult speculative fiction.  Her debut YA paranormal romance novel, FOR YOUR HEART, releases October 31, 2013.  By day, she lives in Connecticut her two feline hench-creatures. She’s a terrible blusher, has a weak spot for cuddly animals, loves Laffy Taffy and Cadbury MiniEggs, and she’s a huge advocate of alternative healing methods.  She also wears Vibram five-finger toe shoes and corsets...Though not always in the same ensemble. She’s a Capricorn, a Hufflepuff, and a few nuggets short of a Happy Meal.


Twitter: @aldavroe


Guest Post : 

12 Things Readers Might Not Know About Me:

  1. I was in the absolute lowest reading class for the entire time they taught reading in elementary school (until 4th grade).  By the time I got retested in middle school (6th grade), I had somehow rocketed to college level reading.
  2. I can touch my nose with my tongue.  And, if I were feeling particularly adventurous, I could pick my nose with my tongue.  But, I don’t do that because I’m a girl, not a cow.  But I could…
  3. I have Tokophobia (fear of pregnancy) and Bathophobia (fear of depth).  I learned just how bad my bathophobia is when I went to New Zealand.  I had a panic attack -- which resulted in hyperventilating through a snorkel in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and then getting really bad sunburn while sitting in the back of a boat with a gaggle of lewd fishermen tour guides (I don’t recommend this).
  4. The most interesting rocks I’ve ever kissed: Robert Frost’s gravestone and the Blarney Stone.
  5. I've probably touched and fed more exotic animals than most people.  I’ve probably eaten more than most people too.  This comes as a result of traveling and having a family member that works at a zoo.
  6. I know how to crack a bull whip.  I learned from a real life Jackaroo in the Australian Outback when I was 16.
  7. Becoming a fire dancer is on my bucket list.  I’m particularly interested in the poi and the hoola hoop.  I intend to do this after I fulfill the earlier bucket list requirement of cutting my hair pixie-bob short.
  8. I’m a INFJ on the Meyer’s Briggs personality scale.  Which means I’m a rare duck and no matter what I tell you on this list, you’ll most likely never figure me out.
  9. My favorite band is A Perfect Circle.  Favorite song is 3 Libras…followed closely by, like, five more.
  10.   I sometimes drive hugging my steering wheel.  What?  It stretches my back on long drives…  You just have to be really, really alert driving like that.
  11.   I have four cats.  One of them is blind and has a bald belly.
  12.   I have to consciously talk without taking on an accent.  And no, I don’t have an accept for real, I just slip into them for no plausible reason.

My Thoughts

I have never read nor heard of THE BALLAD OF TAM LIN but when I read the Synopsis of this I knew Id read it. 

When Jeanette and her best friend Timmy decided to enter Carver Hall Park Halloween night their lives changed forever. Timmy disappeared with no trace and Jeanette was devastated. She has never forgotten him.

Now years later she finds herself faced with having to go back into the woods that claimed Timmy, something she vowed she'd never do. On her way through she has flash backs of what happened that night and ends up racing through the forest. She finds herself in a grove with beautiful roses. She picks one to smell and next thing she knows a stranger is in front of her. He tells her he needs payment for the rose she just picked. Jeanette runs away but the stranger knows where she lives.

When he turns up at here house Jeanette knows there's something strange about him. Tamrin tells her that the payment for the rose is her heart. She thinks he is a nut job and wants him gone. She starts seeing him everywhere and eventually both of them fall for each other, but is Tamrin who he seems to be? Why is Jeanette so attracted to him?

Im really torn about For Your Heart. While I did enjoy it, it just didn't grab me. Id figured out who Tamrin was basically at the start. It was pretty obvious. I did like how the author portrayed him though. He is ignorant to Jeanettes feelings and like a typical Fey, only out to protect himself no matter the cost! He knows his Queen will exact revenge on Jeanette for picking the rose but for some strange reason hides the fact from her. He is drawn to Jeanette and needs time to figure out why. 

Jeanette is a devout catholic and an all round nice girl. I liked the fact that she is a normal teenage girl that reads anime and goes to conventions etc. She has struggled after losing her mother and then Timmy going missing. She has nightmares most nights about the woods and finds it hard to move on. When Tamrin comes into her life she is surprised to find herself falling for this odd person.

The author did a great job writing the world of The Fae. The Summer Queen is beautiful and had Tamrin as a consort. Any time he went to the realm he had to be with the Queen  This was his life until Jeanette. Now he doesn't want to be with the queen but is afraid to tell her because she will exact revenge on Jeanette. The Fae are fickle and mean and all about their own needs. 

The author made the story come alive with her writing, everything she describes you can picture vividly. It has tough subjects and the author did a great job depicting these. You really felt for Tamrin and Jeanette and especially after what happens to Jeanette. Their love story is sweet and mostly innocent. 

Overall I liked For our Heart but at times I just felt the book was rushed. The story was going along and then it felt like a step was missing. Its a good solid Fae story set in a modern world and fans of anything Fae will enjoy it.

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