Sunday 9 November 2014

Eyes of the Enemy by Kelly Hess Review!

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Title : Eyes Of the Enemy
Author : Kelly Hess
Pages : 202
Published : June 30th 2014
Publisher : Booktrope
Source : Publisher

When a rogue band of the dreaded Sorak attacks his village, twelve-year-old Beynn Firehand escapes into the darkness of BlackMyst Forest to find help. During his quest, Beynn discovers his own powerful magic abilities. 

The price of his newfound powers, however, may be higher than he ever imagined.

My Thoughts : 

This was such a great read. I hadn't heard of this before but when I saw it up for review I had to request it! The cover and blurb are so mysterious and give nothing away that I didn't know what to expect, well Eyes of the Enemy was such a surprise.

Everyone knows of the Soraks and what they are capable of so when a band of them attack Beynns village, he is extremely lucky to get away alive. He manages to escape with his best friend and the only option they have is to head to Beynns uncle to get help. As they head into BlackMyst forest, Beynn realises they are being followed. He hides and as the pursuers get closer, Beynn suddenly wishes that a tree branch would fall on top of them, when all of a sudden a branch falls on them!! Beynn has no idea what to say or think about what just happened, was it coincidence or something more?

Beynn starts feeling weird after that, he starts getting itchy eyes and has no idea whats happening. When he sees his eyes are starting to change colour, Beynn starts to freak. What is wrong with him?? When he gets to his Uncles house, he gets his answers. He is shocked by what he finds out and even worse, he may have to rely on the his enemies to get help for his village. 

I loved Beynn. He is only a boy but when he is told of his legacy, he embraces it and does all he can to save his village. What happens to him is gradual and he doesn't let it change him. He is easily relateable. 

Then we have his best friend Fritz. He is also freaked out by what is happening to Beynn but he trusts his friend. Both of them show what a true friend is. 

Apart from the characters, the best thing about this book was the world building. Kelly Hess has created a unique and captivating world. I loved learning about the Soraks and I loved finding out Beynns story. Also that twist at the end was a stroke of genius!! I did not see that coming.

Overall, Eyes of the Enemy was a breath of fresh air. It such an easy story to get sucked into and get lost in. With it's easily lovable characters and complex story, Eyes of the Enemy is a must read. Its more than just a story, its a magical, coming of age tale that you will not want to leave! I so can't wait for the next book to see where the story takes us. 


  1. This sounds so good and I'd never heard of it before! I love the whole magical eyes thing.

    1. It was really good Molly and I've no problem recommending it :)