Saturday 22 November 2014

Some Fine Day by Kat Ross Review!

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Title : Some Fine Day
Author : Kat Ross
Publisher : Skyscape
Published : November 11th 2015
Source : Netgalley

A generation ago, continent-sized storms called hypercanes caused the Earth to flood. The survivors were forced to retreat deep underground and build a new society.

This is the story that sixteen-year-old Jansin Nordqvist has heard all of her life.

Jansin grew up in a civilization far below the Earth’s surface. She’s spent the last eight years in military intelligence training. So when her parents surprise her with a coveted yet treacherous trip above ground, she’s prepared for anything. She’s especially thrilled to feel the fresh air, see the sun, and view the wide-open skies and the ocean for herself.

But when raiders attack Jansin’s camp and take her prisoner, she is forced to question everything she’s been taught. What do her captors want? How will she get back underground? And if she ever does, will she want to stay after learning the truth?

My Thoughts : 

When the storms became worse, society decided to move underground to survive. Only the lucky were granted refuge. Jansins' mother and father were brought underground when they were small and this is the life Jan is used to. When her father tells her that they are taking a trip up top before she graduates military school, she is thrilled. These trips are for the elite because they are reliant on the weather. A mole will tunnel up to the surface and a team of scientists monitor the weather to make sure the hypercanes don't come. 

To Jan its a dream come true. She has never been to the surface and can only imagine what its like. The only problem is that apart from the hypercanes there's also Toads to contend with. These Toads are a Human/Amphibian hybrid and are deadly, but they dont live anywhere near the camping site so she will be safe, right?? Wrong. Unbeknownst to Jan there are humans living up top. They travel place to place to keep ahead of the hypercanes. One night they attack Jans site to steal medicine and food. They also kidnap Jan because they think she is a doctor. How is Jan going to escape and return home? Will they survive the hypercanes? 

When I first heard of this and read the decription I added it to my list. I loved the sound of it and couldn't wait to read it. Luckily I got an early copy and I dived right in. I loved it!! From the very first page I was hooked. 

Jan is a kick ass heroine. She is strong, smart, cunning and capable. When she is kidnapped she uses her head to get the "savages" to think her useful. She knows that if she can stay alive long enough her father will come for her. Yet as time goes on she realises these savages aren't savage at all, and that they were lied to when they were told no human life survived. What else were they lied to about? 

Will is a physic and one of the savages. Jan immediately sees that he isn't like the rest when he tries to help her. He takes her on as his helper and teaches her how to use herbs to heal. He is well read and smart. She finds herself falling for his easy charm. I loved Wills character and I loved seeing their friendship grow. 

Another thing I loved was the plot. I thought the idea of the hypercanes forcing people to go underground was fantastic. In a time were the weather is so unpredictable and devastating, you could totally see this happening. The Toads were something else I loved the idea of. I just would of liked to see more of them in the book though. The world building was amazing. Kat Ross has created a dangerous world but its not all that it seems. She shows that humanity will find a way!! 

Overall, Some Fine Day was thrilling and engrossing. It was a fast paced, unique and well written book. The ending kinda left it open for a sequel and I really hope there will be one. Im looking forward to more from Kat Ross!!


  1. What a unique dystopian, I mean amphibian people? The whole they were lied to is kind of expected, but I like the sounds of her relationship to this Will.

    1. I know right!! I thought so too :) This was so good and quite spooky because of the storms!!!