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A Tangle of Fates by Leslie Ann Moore Blog Tour and Giveaway!


Welcome to my tour stop for A Tangle of Fates by Leslie Ann Moore. This tour runs Feb. 2-13 with reviews, interviews, guest post & excerpts. Check out the tour page for more information.

About the Book:

The fates of three women. The fates of two peoples. The fate of one planet.
On Nuetierra, four hundred years have passed since the Great War. A new society has arisen on the ashes of the old.
Deanna Hernaan, daughter of Eduard, the former Alcalde of Nue Bayona, spends her days attending university and caring for her mentally damaged sister, Ceilia. Six years ago, her stepmother Lourdessa deposed her father, and now, as Alcalde, rules the city through patronage and oppression. Deanna remains apolitical, fearing Lourdessa’s power. Threatened by Deanna’s popularity with the common people, the Alcalde arranges for her assassination. Deanna survives, but is cast adrift in a hostile wilderness. She is rescued by a band of diminutive hunters—the Tiqui—members of a slave race she has only read about in history books. The hunters bring Deanna to their village, where she meets the Tiqui chieftess Yellow Bird. A remarkable woman, the ithani possesses the shamanic gift of foresight. Her visions have revealed to her that a young woman of the tall folk would come, one whose fate is inextricably entwined with that of the Tiqui—one who would bring disaster or salvation for all of Nuetierra.

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Excerpt :

“Help! A man’s just been hit by a car!” With one foot on the threshold and the other on the sidewalk, Zander stood poised in the doorway, a look of horror on his face. He waved his arm toward the street with what he hoped was a convincing air of panic. “Hurry! He’s gonna die!” 
The desk sergeant and another officer of the Red Hill Precinct had already rushed into the reception area, drawn by the shrill squeal of skidding tires. They pounded past Zander out to the sidewalk and ran down the block toward a car surrounded by a crush of people.  Glancing around the room to assure himself that no civilians remained in the danger zone, Zander started walking toward the commotion. 
Rising winds gusted and swirled around him. Above, clouds like piles of purple fleece darkened the sky. The air smelled of ozone. The skin on the back of his neck prickled. He calculated he had about five minutes to get clear of the station.
Ahead, he saw the epicenter of the disturbance lay in front of a public laundry. From all directions, people were arriving to investigate, adding to the crowd already blocking the flow of traffic. He slowed his pace, looking for a way around, worried that if he attempted to push through, he might end up getting stuck. Paused now at the fringe, Zander looked back at the station. A handful of polis had emerged and were standing in the dimming shadow of the clock tower, smoking cigarettes and watching the action. 
What’s taking so long? he wondered. 
The primal instinct to flee from imminent danger was becoming more difficult to ignore with every passing second, but Zander had sworn an oath to see this thing through. He took a deep breath and waded into the chattering crowd, pushing his way toward the front.
He broke through in time to see the desk sergeant drop into a crouch beside the front tire of an expensive convertible sedan. The other poli stood with outstretched arms, brandishing his baton and yelling at the crowd to stay back. A man wearing shabby dun coveralls lay in the street beneath the sedan’s front bumper, a blond woman in a faded, floral print dress kneeling beside him, wailing. Another man, dressed in a fitted black chauffeur’s uniform, stood at the sergeant’s side, his long face pale as moonshine beneath the brim of his cap.
“That’s my brother and sister!” Zander shouted. He tried to duck the poli’s raised arm, but the officer menaced him with his baton. “Please,” Zander insisted. He didn’t have to feign the urgency in his voice and expression. “Let me through!” 
  The officer looked to his superior, who nodded in consent, then lowered his arm to allow Zander to pass.
Tony lay on his back, arms and legs akimbo, eyes closed and mouth slack. For one terrible moment, Zander feared the ruse had gone horribly awry. He knelt on the blacktop beside a weeping Sonia, her own dark hair hidden beneath a blond wig and straw bonnet. “Is he…” he whispered. As Sonia flung her arms around his neck, Zander saw her wink. 
“Our poor brother,” she moaned.

My Thoughts : 

This is a definite case of never judging a book by it's cover!! While this doesn't have an eye catching cover, the inside was amazing!! I dove into this world the author created and didn't want to leave. 

The world building was amazing (sorry but I'm probably  going to use that word a lot during this review!!) It's set in a different world that nearly ravaged itself with war. The world still has things like mobile phones and cars but it also has strange animals, like jelly things that fly, and huge feline cat things. The author has such an attention to detail and richly describes the world but yet doesn't bog you down with it. 

Then we have the amazing (see!!) characters like Zander, Eduard and a whole host more, but my favourite was Deanna. Deanna is the daughter of the former Alcalde (leader of their part of the world)  Eduard. When her mother died, her father eventually remarried to Lourdessa, who deposed  Eduard and locked him up. Now Lordessa fears that the people love Deanna too much and sends one of her officers to kill her (a very Snow White feel to this part of the story, which I loved) and tells him to bring back her heart. He takes her to a remote area and tells her he is part of the real resistance and she is safe. He kills an animal and takes back the heart to Lordessa. Deanna spends the night in a cabin and fears that no one will take her to safety so she sets out alone. Deanna was an amazing heroine, she was always kind and nice but she isn't afraid to take a chance either. All she wants is her people to have freedom from Lordessa and have food to eat. She wants to be what her people need but fears she will let them down. I loved her strength. 

Then we have the Tiqui, the people that save Deanna. She is taken to their village and becomes one of their tribe. I loved learning about them and how they felt  almost like the Indian tribes. I loved how caring and welcoming most of them were with Deanna. It was fascinating and a very emotional time during the story. I cried so much!!! 

So ya, pretty much everything about this book was amazing. From the start to the last word, I was captivated. There are some truly surprising twists, that I did not see coming and some shocking things happen as well!! It is a story that needs to be savoured because its so richly and exquisitely written and you can tell that the author poured her heart and soul into it because it shows. I really didn't want it to end and was sad when I turned the last page. This book is truly a gem and I urge everyone to try it.

Anyway, I could keep on and on about how amazing this book is but I think I'd better wrap it up. I am so glad I got a chance to read it because these characters have captured my heart and a week after reading it, I'm still thinking of it and I, for one, can not wait for the next installment to see what happens. 

Leslie Ann MooreAbout the Author:

Leslie Ann Moore was born in Los Angeles, California at the tail-end of the baby boom and fell in love with the works of Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Andre Norton, and J.R.R. Tolkien at an early age. A practicing veterinarian since 1988, Leslie put her dreams of writing fiction aside until she attended the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in 2000. There, bestselling fantasy author Terry Brooks told her, “Don’t ever give up. Keep writing, no matter what.” Those words changed her life. She published the first volume of her Griffin’s Daughter trilogy in 2012. A Tangle of Fates is the first volume of The Vox Machina trilogy, and will be published by Muse Harbor in August of 2014.

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  1. Love the cover wow you did a great job.

  2. Wonderful review! I'm SO glad you loved this one- I told you it was amazing! Thank you so much for hosting a tour stop and reviewing it!

    1. You were right!! I loved it and can NOT wait for the next one!