Tuesday 17 February 2015

The Number 7 by Jessica Lidh Review!


Title : The Number 7
Author : Jessica Lidh
Pages : 272
Published : 1st December 2014
Publisher : Merit Press
Source : From Publisher
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Sixteen-year-old Louisa's antique telephone is disconnected, but that doesn't keep it from ringing. And it doesn't keep Louisa from answering. Her caller is someone with a message from beyond the grave. The mysterious caller is somehow familiar, and has a message that unravels the mysterious past of Louisa's Swedish family, including the deeply hidden secret from World War II. She'd welcome the distraction of the cute boys competing for her attention, but instead, Louisa must figure out her role in her own story--before the telephone rings for the last time.

My Thoughts

First things first, that cover is awesome because it represents the story perfectly!! Secondly, this was a fascinating and intriguing read. I had never heard of it before but loved the sound of it when I got it for review so dived right in. 

Louisa, her sister and her dad move back to his childhood home. While in the attic one day, the antique phone up there starts to ring. She answers only to hear her dead grandmother on the line. She tells Louisa that she has a secret that needs to be told, and so begins the tale of Louisas grandfather and his Swedish roots. 

For me, the best thing about this was the Grandfathers tale. It was absolutely fascinating. I also loved how the author brought the secret to life. The fact that it came in the form of telephone calls every so often was awesome. It made the story that more suspenseful and intriguing. You could also feel how frustrated Louisa was with not hearing the full story and only getting it in bits. 

The book is told from both Loisas POV and her granddads POV. Louisa side of the story centers on her adjusting to life after losing her mother and moving to a new place. She has a lot to deal with and now she is getting phone calls from beyond the grave. I really liked Louisa, she was level headed although I didn't like the way she was with the boys in her life. There is a love triangle, which I hate!!!! Louisa just acts weird around them. When she is with one guy she seems to forget about the other. She couldn't make up her mind and that annoyed me. 

I cant say too much about the granddads story because I could ruin something but I will say that it was fascinating. Its set in the time of Hitler and just before WW2. I loved the setting for it because Sweden was neutral during the war and its such a beautiful place. 

The only bad thing about it is the love triangle (I cant stress how much I hate them) and how Louisa was with the boys. It felt unreal and brought down the rating. 

Anyway, overall I really enjoyed the book. It was a fascinating and quick read. It a tragic tale but also a hopeful one. Its a story of love, loss and family and one you will enjoy. 

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