Saturday 14 February 2015

Mars Evacuee by Sophia McDougall Review!

23121945Title : Mars Evacuees
Author : Sophia McDougall
Pages : 416
Published : 17th February 2015
Publisher : HarperCollins
Source : Edelweiss
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The fact that someone had decided I would be safer on Mars, where you could still only SORT OF breathe the air and SORT OF not get sunburned to death, was a sign that the war with the aliens was not going fantastically well.

I’d been worried I was about to be told that my mother’s spacefighter had been shot down, so when I found out that I was being evacuated to Mars, I was pretty calm.

And despite everything that happened to me and my friends afterwards, I’d do it all again. because until you’ve been shot at, pursued by terrifying aliens, taught maths by a laser-shooting robot goldfish and tried to save the galaxy, I don’t think you can say that you’ve really lived.

If the same thing happens to you, this is my advice: ALWAYS CARRY DUCT TAPE.

My Thoughts : 

This is such a great read! Quite fun but also at times quite scary!! 

When Earth is invaded by Aliens and the war between humans and Morrows has been going on for a long time, it is decided that it may be safer to send some kids to Mars. It has been terraformed and is habitable by humans. AliceDare is one such "lucky" child. Her mother is a fighter pilot and Alice has been sent to live away from the danger. Unbeknownst to anyone, Earth isn't the only planet in danger and when all the grownups disappear on Mars, Alice Josephine, Carl and his brother Neil set off to find help. 

With a lot of colourful characters I think Alice and her crew were definitely my favourite. All of them are the exiles, as such. Josephine is extremely smart but is always being picked on for being odd and Alice finds it hard to fit in. Carl is a ball of energy and always seems to be doing something that gets himself into trouble. They are all brave, selfless and strong. It's nice to have an odd ball assortment of characters that get on so well together. 

I think the world building was amazing in Mars Evacuee. Earth is at war with the aliens and the kids are sent to an unhospitable place. Everything about Mars is weird, even with Terraforming happening. There aren't that many adults on Mars because most of the things are robotic, they have some awesome robotic teachers, with the Goldfish being the best. This is a Goldfish shaped Robot that teaches the kids, he ends up on the adventure with Alice and co and brings a comic atmosphere with him. He was so awesome!! Also the Teddy Bear teacher that the junours have sounded so funny! Alice describes it as a scary bear and all the younger kids are terrified of it!! Even the aliens were awesome!! 

Despite this being fun, there were some incredibly tense and scary bits!! The Sky Locusts were one such part. I was on the edge of my seat at that part and was so scared for the kids!! There is much levity in the story but its also a scary rollercoaster. 

Anyway, Mars Evacuee was awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the book and can't wait to let my boys read it. Its a fun filled, action packed and adventurous read! Can I just say that the Duck Tape is epic!!! Lol, Duck Tape fixes everything ;) Highly recommend!!


  1. This sounds really interesting. I'm not keen on the cover though.

    Megan @

    1. It was so good!! I like the cover because it represents the book really well!