Tuesday 12 May 2015

Ferals by Jacob Grey Review!

22896545Title: Ferals
Series: Ferals #1
Author: Jacob Grey
Pages: 288
Published: April 28th 2015
Publisher: Harper Collins
Source: Edelweiss
Purchase: Amazon/ Book Depository
A sinister threat. A city in danger. A boy with the power to command the crows. Ferals is the first book in a dark, action-packed trilogy that’s part The Graveyard Book, part Batman, and all high-octane adventure.
Blackstone was once a thriving metropolis. But that was before the Dark Summer—a wave of violence and crime that swept through the city eight years ago, orchestrated by the fearsome Spinning Man. Now the Spinning Man is on the move again, and a boy named Caw is about to be caught in his web.
Caw has never questioned his ability to communicate with crows. But as the threat of a new Dark Summer looms, Caw discovers the underground world of Blackstone’s ferals—those with the power to speak to and control animals. Caw is one of them. And to save his city, he must quickly master abilities he never knew he had . . . and prepare to defeat a darkness he never could have imagined.

My Thoughts:

A dark and engrossing read.

Lets just look at the awesome cover first!! I love it. It portrays the book perfectly, with the crows, especially the white one, the spiders, cockroach and snake!! It really is eye catching.

This was such a surprise, in that it has some quite dark and scary bits. I was reading it and shuddering at times!! I mean, a person that controls spiders!! Ewww. I could imagine them crawling all over me, ugh, *shudders*. When I was reading a certain part my thought process went something like this, OMG, nonononono, run, oh gosh, spiders!!, so many spiders. 

My heart broke for poor Caw. He has spent his life living on the street with only some crows for company. Every night he dreams the same dream, a shadowy man, spiders, his parents sending him away, crows lifting him and carrying him away. He thinks it's his memories but isn't sure. All he knows is his life the way it is. He tries to find enough food to live on, he spends his time in his "nest" in a tree, he keeps to himself and loves his crow friends. Caw was brave, strong and not afraid to do what's right. Even when terrified, he knew what he had to do. 

I loved the idea of The Ferals. People who can communicate and command different animals. It was fascinating!! We had crows, spiders, cockroaches, snakes, pigeons, mice, foxes, heck we even had centipedes!! It was awesome. Most Ferals are good but there are a handful who turned bad, with the worst being the spinning man. He controls spiders and boy was he horrible!!! Each feral has certain abilities too and I loved finding out Caws, along with him. 

Plot wise, it was fast paced, well written and developed. Once Caw found out about other Ferals, the story really took off. It was also quite scary at times. The author created a dark and gritty world which added to the whole atmosphere of the book. I loved it!!

In all, an intriguing and exciting new series and one I hope everyone will check out. From it's creepy atmosphere to it's engaging characters, Ferals is a must read. I, for one, am really looking forward to more from Caw and the wonderfully written world that author has created!! 

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