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Across the Miles by Rhonda James Book Blitz and Giveaway!

Release Date: 03/01/15
New Adult
340 pages

Summary from Goodreads:
Sebastian Miles was twenty-three years old and living a charmed life. Loving family, beautiful girlfriend, and lead singer of the rock band, Paradox. Their debut album shot to number one on the charts, and they had just come off a worldwide tour, performing in venues filled to capacity. Then, one night, a tragedy rocked his world in a whole new way, turning him into someone he no longer recognized. Now, two years later, and on the other side of his own private hell, he learns to stop taking everything and everyone for granted. Yet, he is still alone. Then, one day he meets her, and suddenly, his darkened world is once again filled with hope.
Brooke Caldwell is a twenty-four-year-old prodigy in the culinary world. After a lifetime filled with heartache, she decides to pursue the opportunity of a lifetime by interviewing for a world famous chef in Los Angeles. While visiting the city, she is reminded how cold and calculated the world can be. Until she meets him, and he shows her a world filled with the love and support that she never knew growing up.
Two wounded souls. Two hearts that continue to beat, in spite of all the damage that has been done. What happens when their damaged hearts collide? And, could they possibly be the half that finally makes the other whole?

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Brooke POV~

“Can I ask you something?” he began nervously.
“Sure, I guess.” I looked over and could tell something was bothering him.
“You don’t seem to have a problem with Chris putting his hands all over you. Do you like him or something? I mean, it’s okay if you do; I just need to know so I can back off, if that’s what you want.” His voice hitched a little as he finished that last sentence. He was jealous. I needed to clear up any confusion he had right away.
“No Sebastian, I’m not interested in Chris, not like that. He’s a nice guy, but I think of him more like a big brother. I don’t know, something clicked between us right away, and I could tell we would get along.” I cocked my head and met his eyes. “So it bothers you when he shows me affection like that?”
He shrugged, looking away embarrassed, before returning his gaze to mine. This time there was no uncertainty in his eyes. “I just needed to know how you felt about him before I took this any further.”
“Where do you see this going?”
“I don’t know exactly,” he moved in front of me, placing a hand on either side of my head, staring deeply into my eyes. “All I know is that it’s taking every ounce of restraint I have not to kiss you right now.”
“You want to kiss me,” I gasped.
“More than anything.”
“Then what’s stopping you?” I asked, my voice barely a whisper.
“Because I’m afraid if I start I’ll never be able to stop,” he replied hoarsely.
“Then don’t stop.”
He raised a hand to cup my face; while the other brushed back the hair from my eyes. I tilted my head, bringing my lips up to his, and our mouths met gingerly, skin brushing lightly together. A warm sensation spread throughout my body, and I shivered reflexively at his touch. A smile spread over his face, and I felt his lips turn up slightly, hearing a soft chuckle escape his throat. I inched toward him, curling a hand around the back of his neck, drawing him even closer. This time, I took the lead, planting both lips firmly against his, covering them completely. Both of his hands pressed gently against the side of each cheek, holding me in place, and he worked his lips slowly over mine, taking time to draw me in. The viper bites rubbed over my bottom lip, and a low moan escaped my throat, causing my lips to part, allowing his tongue to graze lightly across the front of my teeth. His mouth consumed me; breathing ceased to exist, and I didn’t care. If I were to perish now, here in his arms, with his lips against mine, I know my life would be complete. In my line of work, I have tasted the finest foods and sampled the finest wines, but I can honestly say that I have never savored anything as sweet and satisfying as Sebastian Miles. I pulled back, and a smile slowly spread over both of our flushed faces.
“You’re cute when you blush too,” I murmured in his ear, as he leaned back against the sofa, pulling me with him. He groaned inwardly as I hovered over him, my hair spilling across his face. He tucked the errant strands behind my ear, and in the process his thumb brushed over my cheekbone.
“You are so beautiful, Brooke,” he whispered. I closed my eyes, leaning in to kiss him again. “If I had known that giving you a compliment would have garnered a kiss, I would have been tossing them out all week,” he chuckled softly.

“Just shut up and kiss me again.”

About the Author
Rhonda dreamed of being an author for more than thirty years, writing her first novella at the age of fifteen. She has written two novels since that have yet to be published. Across the Miles was the first work she felt compelled to share with the rest of the book loving world. While her first two novels were adult romance, this is her first attempt at reaching out to the New Adult genre. She lives in Michigan, with her husband of twenty-two years, and their two adult children. They share their home with dog, Baily, two cats named Molly and Walter, a crested gecko named Izzy, and a yard full of chickens. When not writing or reading, you will find her in the kitchen, preparing homemade soups, marinara sauce, and meatballs, just to name a few. Her love of bacon is unnatural, and her obsession with technology borders on the insane. She is a natural-born hugger, and if you meet she will channel her character Sebastian Miles, and you will most likely be the latest recipient of a bone crushing hug (don’t worry, no bones are actually crushed during this process).

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