Sunday 7 June 2015

AudioBook Review: Ted Saves The World by Bryan Cohen!

    Ted Saves the World | [Bryan Cohen]
  • Written by: Bryan Cohen
  • Narrated by: Steven Jay Cohen
  • Length: 8 hrs and 34 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook

  • Release Date:12-03-14
  • Publisher: Bryan Cohen
  • Purchase: Amazon/ Book Depository/ Audible
  • Ted Finley was your typical, wise-cracking teenager - until an otherworldly force gave him abilities beyond his wildest dreams.After an unintended public display of his powers, Ted has become an instant celebrity and the target of a gang of undead thugs.Sixteen-year-old Erica LaPlante was six-feet-under when a blast of blue light brought her body back to life. Armed with the consciousness of a fierce warrior, Erica must keep her teenage urges at bay to protect the newfound hero.When sparks fly between Ted and Erica, Erica wants nothing more than to hide who she really is and the dangerous mission they must face. But when their school comes under attack, Ted and Erica must use everything at their disposal to save their friends, the town and... well, the world.Ted Saves the World is a YA sci-fi/fantasy novel that features fast-paced action, terrifying horror, side-splitting comedy and a touch of romance. Author Bryan Cohen has watched every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it shows in the first audiobook of his new series.
  • My Thoughts:
  • A fun and engaging read.
  • I wasn't sure what to expect when I first went into this because there are some pretty mixed reviews, but what I didn't expect was to like it as much as I did!! 
  • Character wise, we have a few different ones but the main 2 are Ted and Erica. Ted was such a refreshing character. He was a shy, witty, funny and an all round normal boy until the day he gets super powers. I loved how Ted handled getting the powers, he was hilarious at times but he really handled himself well. He didn't let the power go to his head and he stayed down to earth. He started getting popular in school but kept his own gang of misfits (whom I loved). 
  • Then we have Erica, a popular cheerleader, whom Ted has a crush on. Erica was murdered but her body has come back to life to help Ted save the world from evil beings, intent on overrunning it. Erica was kick ass and I loved her spirit. She took no prisoners and could handle her own. She has the answers Ted needs to understand his powers but she needs to figure out how to get into his life. 
  • There is also a host of minor characters and boy were they well written!! My favourite 2 were Natalie, (GREAT name by the way ;)) who is an athlete and Ted's girlfriend and Dhiraj, who is a business prodigy and Teds best friend. These 2 had an amazing relationship with Ted and made the book more enjoyable, though my heart broke for poor Natalie. 
  • Plot Wise: It was fast paced and exciting. From the moment Ted gets his powers, we are brought on a dangerous journey alongside him. He has very little time to master his powers and use them against the bad guys. I loved learning about Erica and the world she belongs to. I also loved how the bad guys came to be as such. The idea was unique and well described. 
  • In all, Ted Saves the World is an enjoyable and exciting read. With it's lovable characters, who you can't help but cheer on, and it's well written and developed plot, it's a must read. At times laugh out loud funny and at times, edge of your seat tense, it's a book that all ages will enjoy. I for one am looking forward to book 2 and can't wait to read it. 
  • The audio of this, for me anyway, made the story way more enjoyable. Steven Jay Cohen really got into the part and brought the story to life. He gave each character their own personalities but I think he really nailed Ted. I could just picture Ted when everything was happening. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this!! 

  • *I received a copy of this for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*