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Defy by Amity Hope Book Blitz and Giveaway!

Defy by Amity Hope 
(Malice #3) 
Publication date: May 29th 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

Tristan and Samara have been best friends since they were kids. Somewhere along the way that friendship turned into something deeper. Sam knew Tristan better than anyone…but as it turned out, she didn’t know him as well as she thought she did. Now that Tristan’s secrets are out—and he’s embraced his magic—there should be nothing standing in their way.But in the small town of Granite Falls, where magic abounds, life is never simple.The Council is out for revenge.So is Tristan’s father.Sam, Tristan, and their friends just might get swept away in an age-old magical battle. A battle where the “good guys” might not be so good.

Malice (book 1) is free and Avenge (book 2) is only .99 cents

Author Interview

How did you get started writing? 
I have my degree in elementary education. I started writing middle grade novels right out of college, just for fun. Over the years I moved on to young adult.
Who is your favorite character out of all your books and why? 
I’d have to say Sam from the Malice series. I really like writing paranormal so I’ve been able to have some fun with her.
Where do you get your story ideas? 
There’s not one answer for that. Sometimes they come to me out of the blue. Sometimes they’re inspired by a photo. Most of the time they originate with just a small flicker of an idea and I start jotting down notes over several days until I’ve expanded the idea into something worth writing about.
What do you find helps you the most with your writing? 
When I’m not writing, I’m usually reading. Reading often inspires me.
Can you give us a picture of your writing journey, from beginning to where it is now? 
It started with a love of reading. I used to sneak Stephen King books under the covers with a flashlight when I was in middle school. I started dabbling in writing around the same time. I stopped writing for awhile when my kids were little but wrote Twisted over summer vacation. After I self-published my first book, my career kind of took off.
What has been the greatest triumph for you since you started? 
My debut novel, Twisted, was a best-selling Top 100 Kids & Teens Kindle Book of 2012. That was pretty exciting.
Also, what has been your biggest challenge? 
Simple answer? Marketing. With so many great new books out on the market it’s tough to stay ahead.
What do you think the average reader wants out of authors today? 
Original ideas and great writing.
Who do you write for, and why? 
My books are primarily for young adults. I enjoy the age where everything is new and exciting.
What's your favorite genre? 
I love paranormal romance. If I never read or wrote anything other than paranormal for the rest of my life, I’d be okay with that.
What's next for you? 
I have a series planned that is loosely based on Norse mythology. I’m anxious to get to work on that.
What is the one thing you want readers to take away from your books? 
I want them to feel as if my books are unique. These days, with so many books out there, I want to have an original voice.

Amity lives in beautiful northern Minnesota with her two sons, two cats and their Rottweiler.
She has a degree in elementary education and worked in that field for ten years before deciding to self-publish.
Her first self-published novel, Twisted, was listed by Amazon as a Top 100 Kids & Teens Kindle Book of 2012. It hit Amazon's Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Romance Best Sellers List in several countries. Truths and Dares held the #1 position on Amazon's Best Sellers in Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Romance eBooks in the UK.
If she's not writing, or spending time with her boys, she's most likely reading.

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