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The Siren’s Realm by Megan O’Russell Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Welcome to the blog tour for The Siren's Realm by Megan O Russell. I'm so excited to be part of this tour because I loved both books as you can tell from my reviews below! Check out the full schedule HERE and dont forget to enter the awesome giveaway!!

The Siren’s Realm by Megan O’Russell (The Tethering, #2) Publication date: April 29th 2015 Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult


Jacob loves Emilia Gray, but things aren’t always that simple in the world of Magickind…The war has begun.The Dragons are gaining power, and the Gray Clan stands alone. Desperate to find a way to stop the Pendragon, Emilia is forced to seek answers from someone who hasn’t been seen in seventeen years . . . Her mother. Embarking on a magical journey filled with witches, wizards, centaurs and a dangerous and powerful Siren, Jacob and Emilia must take a leap of faith to a land neither could have ever imagined . . . and hope they can then find their way home.


My Thoughts:  The Tethering 

An engaging and addictive read, I loved it!!

This was such a surprise. I went into it with no expectations and absolutely devoured it. 

Jacobs father is never really there and Jacob is left to fend for himself. His father leaves him a little money but never enough, which means he often goes hungry. That is until he meets Emilia and she starts looking after him. The years pass and Jacob finds himself in love with Emilia, but his heart is broken when she suddenly ups and leaves. Jacob has no idea why or if he will ever see her again. He plods along every day with his heart broken, until the day the principle calls him to the office and tells him his father is dead. Jacob is torn because while he loved his dad, he was never there so they didn't have a strong relationship. On hearing the news, Jacob feels funny. Next thing he knows, every window in the school is blown out. They are all sent outside and Jacob slips away to go home. He is in a daze, what just happened? He arrives home only to find the person he least expected. Emilia grabs him and tells him that they have to go now! His life is in danger and if he doesn't leave with her then the Dragons will come for him. He has no idea what she means but leaves with her. She then goes on to explain that he is a wizard and there is magic in the world. From that exact second, Jacobs life changes forever! 

I loved both Jacob and Emilia, but let's start with Jacob. My heart broke for him. His life is hard but he doesn't let it get him down. He was strong, brave and an all round nice boy. Then we have Emilia. She stands up for Jacob when they first meets and from then on, they are firm friends. She was smart, nice and an excellent heroine. I loved seeing the 2 of them interact. Emilia looks after Jacob and brings him into the fold of her family. It was such a sweet and awesome friendship. 

My heart broke for Jacob all over again when he goes to the school. Emilia is in a relationship with someone else and Jacob is devastated but tries to hide it. He is thrown, unceremoniously, into the deep end of the Wizarding world but handles it well. He longs to tell Emilia how he feels but she loves her boyfriend. Poor Jacob!! I wanted to just wrap him up and tell him everything would be OK. It shows how good the writing is when the characters make you feel so much!!! Each of them were well developed and defined and it's easy to become attached to them. I rooted for Jacob and Emilia right from the start!!

Plot wise, it's nothing really new, boy is a wizard but doesn't know, goes to school to learn to become what he should be, bad guys out to take over the world etc., but despite that, it's a story that will grab you from the start. The authors style of writing and her ability to draw you into the story, will have you turning the pages as quick as you can. It's a fast paced and magical read and the plot flows seamlessly. 

In all an incredibly engaging story and one that you will devour. I loved everything about it and can't wait to dive into the next one. These characters will capture your heart and not let go. Highly recommend.

My Thoughts: The Siren's Realm

This is book 2 so may have inadvertent spoilers for book 1!!

I loved book 1 of this and immediately dived into this when I got it. I couldn't wait to see what happens, and boy did this live up to everything I expected!! It was amazing.

After the events of the last book, I could only imagine what Jacob and Emilia would do with being Tethered. Poor Jacob loves Emilia anyway but sees how much of a hard time she has with the feelings being forced onto her. She is struggling to figure out if what she feels is because of the tethering or because, perhaps, she may have true feelings for him. I loved that Emilia struggled because it made it more real. She loved Dexter and his betrayal hit her hard so for her to love Jacob so easily would of ruined the book, but thankfully that's not the case.

Now despite her struggles, both Emilia and Jacob are rock solid and I loved their relationship even more in this book. Jacob would do anything for Emilia, I mean he jumped off a mountain for her, with no idea what would happen!!! His devotion is amazing.

The world building was once again superb. The author has upped her game for this book and it shows. There is more magic, more creatures, more action and pretty much more everything. Her writing was flawless and beautifully crafted and I adored pretty much all of it.

So ya, I loved everything about this book, from it's stunningly written story to it's lovable and amazing characters, this is a must read. I flew through the pages and couldn't get enough! It's a fast paced and addictive read and one I know will stay on my favourites shelf forever. I can not wait for book 3 to see what happens, you just know that something big is coming!!!

Megan O’Russell is thrilled to have published her premier novel The Tethering with Silence in the Library Publishing. Originally from New York, Megan is a professional actress who spends her time traveling the country for different shows. When not on stage or writing, Megan spends time with her beloved ukulele and her wonderful husband. To follow Megan’s writing adventures, you can visit her website at

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