Wednesday 24 June 2015

Banish by Nicola Marsh Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Welcome to the Blog Tour for: Banish (Soul Retrievers) by Nicola Marsh

Release Date: 05/26/15
264 pages

Summary from Goodreads:
Alyssa has one week to destroy her enemy, save her spirit... and save her soul. After her ex-boyfriend commits suicide and her mum’s alcoholism sparks yet another psychotic episode, seventeen-year-old Alyssa Wood flees her small hometown of Broadwater and heads to New York City to stay with her bohemian aunt — a Wicca High Priestess.Alyssa revels in the anonymity of a big city and her new life. Her grades climb, she has a new best friend, and a new guy: the sexy geek Ronan — a saxophone player who prefers jazz to pop.But her newfound peace is soon shattered when she sees a dead body in one of Ronan’s music clips — and she’s the only one who can see it. Worse still, Alyssa recognises the body that has been murdered a week forward!Alyssa doesn’t believe in the supernatural...despite her family’s Wicca background. So how will she overcome evil when it’s closer than she thinks? 

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I’d texted Ronan; said I’d  meet him at the Starbucks two blocks from his place. He’d  been  surprised  but  hadn’t  baulked.  That  was  the  cool  thing  about  older  guys. They didn’t question why you wanted to meet in the early hours of the morning on a school night. I  practically  ran  the  last  few  blocks,  eager for  answers.  He  was  waiting  for  me outside the cafe, rubbing his hands together to keep warm. My heart did a funny little jig before I slapped it down with a hard dose of reality. The hot musician boyfriend could be a raving lunatic. “Hey.”  He  opened  his  arms  wide  and  I  hesitated,  hating  the  tiny  frown  that appeared  between  his eyebrows.  By the time I slipped  into  his  hug the  damage  had been done, our embrace stiff and stilted. He released me. “What’s up?” “Can we talk?” “Sure.”  He  didn’t  miss  a  beat,  but  I  caught  him  sneaking  glances  at  me  as  we entered the warm steamy surrounds, the tempting coffee and cinnamon and chocolate aroma I usually liked doing little to calm my nerves. I paused for a second, recoiling when he laid a hand on my shoulder. “What’s going on?” “Sorry,”  I  muttered,  inadvertently  shrugging  off  his  hand,  mentally  cringing. “Coffee?” He shook his head. “I’d rather you start talking.” “Right.” Only problem was where did I start? The part where I thought he was a psychopath  playing  games,  or  the  part  where  I  might  have  inherited  more  than  the strawberry blonde hair from Mom and Angie? “I thought you were coming over because of what happened earlier tonight. That kiss was too soon...?” Confusion clouded his eyes and I hated myself for thinking he could be a damn good actor. “I had fun earlier, it was what happened later.” He dropped into a chair and I took the one opposite. “Did your aunt go ballistic because you went to a club? Because I can ring her and explain.” “She’s cool.” Frowning, he rubbed the back of his neck. “Then what?” There’d never be an easy way to say this and if I didn’t blurt it out in a rush, I’d stutter and ramble. “The song you wrote for me? The one you played? It was amazing and I loved it, but then I saw that other stuff and it freaked me out.” His frown deepened. “What other stuff?” I  puffed  out  a  long  breath,  floundering  out  of  my  depth.  “The  room,  the  girl, the...uh...dead body.” He jack-knifed out of the chair, shock etched into every angle of his face. “Are you nuts?” That seemed to be a common consensus tonight. 

About the Author

USA TODAY bestselling author and multi-award winner Nicola Marsh writes flirty fiction with flair for adults and riveting, spooky stories for teens.She has published 54 contemporary romances with Harlequin, Entangled Publishing and indie, and sold over 6 million copies worldwide. Her first mainstream romance BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD was nominated for Romantic Book of the Year 2012. Her first indie romance, CRAZY LOVE, was a 2012 ARRA finalist.Her YA urban fantasy SCION OF THE SUN won the 2014 National Readers’ Choice Award for Best Young Adult novel.She’s also a Waldenbooks, Bookscan and Barnes & Noble bestseller, a 2013 RBY (Romantic Book of the Year) and National Readers’ Choice Award winner, and a multi-finalist for a number of awards including the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, HOLT Medallion, Booksellers’ Best, Golden Quill, Laurel Wreath, More than Magic and has also won several CataRomance Reviewers’ Choice Awards.
A physiotherapist for thirteen years, she now adores writing full time, raising her two little heroes, sharing fine food with family and friends, and her favorite, curling up with a good book!
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  1. This book sounds fun. I used to read a lot of books about Wicca and Magic. Not so much lately.. but books including Wicca always grab my attention.