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Hollowed Humusara by J.L. Bond and Val Richards Book Blitz and Gveaway!

Hollowed Humusara (Primortus Chronicles #2)
Release Date: 11/26/14

Summary from Goodreads:
It begins again! Skylee Porter thinks the worst is over. She has faced her greatest fear, the monstrous black-eyed Brinfrost and survived with the help of Chrism, her shape-shifting sister. Sky even had the courage to finally admit her true feelings to Will.
But something has changed. The three people she trusts the most are acting strange. Will seems distant. Her talkative sister has clammed up. Even Airon is keeping secrets.
Soon, Sky discovers the leaders of the Primortus have plans for her. Then, to her dismay, they threaten to take away her magical book. The Humusara, the very thing that tethers her to the world she so desperately wants to protect. And now, the earth is trembling again. Could there be another Day of Disaster?
Dark powers are at work. Two prophecies loom on the horizon. One declares she’s the hope of humankind. While the other proclaims she’ll destroy us all.
Sky’s destiny awaits her…

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“Ugh, it’s taking forever,” grumbled Skylee as she poked her head through a gap in the compartment door. She glanced up and down the passageway in search of Chrism and Airon then, sighing impatiently, she slid the door shut and sat down next to the window. “Honestly, a couple of asthmatic snails would’ve gotten back with our snacks by now.”
Will, who was sprawled out across several seats opposite from her said, “So I take it there’s no sign of them.”
“No, not a trace. But do you know who is out there? Mr. Mogg’s bodyguard guys,” she said, answering her own question before he could reply. “Two of them.”
“You mean the Moggy Men,” he said in a voice that sounded like a character from some zany cartoon show.
Will’s remarkable talent of impersonating voices had always amused her. She pushed a long strand of unruly hair out of her face and gave him her best what are you talking about look.
“You heard me,” he said, propping himself up on one elbow. “There’s no need to fear when the Moggy Men are here.”
Whoa…Skylee’s brain felt like it had come to a screeching halt. Is he actually joking around? That sounded like something the old Will would say.
She smiled awkwardly at him. “Moggy Men—is that what you’re calling them? Who thought that one up, you or Airon?”
“I did, Skippy,” he said, smiling back at her playfully.
What’s gotten into him? she asked herself, wondering if their cold war was truly over. Well, whatever, I guess I might as well play along.
“So, don’t tell me you’ve picked up Airon’s nicknaming habit.” Skylee, cupped her hands in a circle around her mouth and whispered, “I don’t care what you call them, those guys look ridiculous. They’re sitting in little folding chairs on either side of the door, like they’re guarding the president or something.”
“Hey, maybe they are,” said Will as he leaned back and stuffed his duffle bag under his head like a pillow. “You never know, I might go into politics someday. Yeah, President William Butler, sounds pretty good, huh?”
Now I know he’s joking, Skylee told herself. She rolled her eyes at him and said, “President of what?”
“Oh I dunno…how about New United Middle Earth? I could be the leader of everyone living within 100 miles of the equator. Warm weather territory, you know more surfing and beach time.”
“Well, excuse me Mr. President, but for your first order of business, can you tell me why neither one of your Moggy Men went along with Chrism and Airon?”
“Good question,” he said, stretching his arms above his head in a tremendous yawn. “As you can see I’m a very busy man. But I reckon I could take the time to explain.”
“I’m all ears,” she said, which made her self-consciously un-tuck her hair.
“Ahem, yes,” said Will, grinning slightly as he watched her. “Back to your question. As you know, at the present moment we are awaiting departure from Picton in a private, first class compartment⎯and I might add in the lap of luxury⎯as personal guests of none other than the world famous Mr. Phileas Mogg of the S.E.E. corporation. And I have learned from a top expert on the Mogg subject, more precisely your sister, that he is not only gallant, debonair, considerate and filthy rich…”
“And dreamy,” added Skylee.
“Yes, she did mention that. Anyway, Mr. Dreamy⎯uh, I mean Mogg has guaranteed our safe passage to his magnificent castle, which, according to our top expert, is⎯what did she say?”
“Fantabulous?” answered Skylee with a snicker.
“Yup, that was it. And thanks to Mr. Mogg we should all be safe while we’re here on his train. So I suggest you follow my presidential strategy and sit back and enjoy it.”

Skylee grinned. It felt good to banter with Will the way they used to. I haven’t seen him this relaxed in a long time, she thought. I can’t believe it. No lectures. No questions. No sulking. Perhaps he had finally come to his senses. She hoped so, because the last couple of days had been awful. She exhaled slowly, deciding to take his advice and relax.
About the Authors
J.L. Bond and Val Richards have much more in common than writing.  They are both Army brats, grew up in the hills of Tennessee, attended the same college and worked the same first job. They share an obsession for Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and have an enduring love for all things Tolkien. Since they can’t live in Middle Earth, the call of the ocean eventually pulled them to Florida where, together, they form the nearly fearless writing duo of THE PRIMORTUS CHRONICLES.

Their debut novel, ELEVENTH ELEMENTUM; Book 1, was released in 2012 to excellent reviews. The second book in the trilogy, HOLLOWED HUMUSARA launched in the fall of 2014. J.L. and Val are currently working on Plagued Primortus, the final book in the series…when they aren’t daydreaming of joining a certain wizardy trio for a ride in the TARDIS to Rivendell.

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