Friday 5 December 2014

Ennara and the Book of Shadows by Angela Myron Review!

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Title : Ennara and the Book of Shadows
Author : Angela Myron
Published : October 31st 2014
Publisher : Patchwork Press
Source : Netgalley

When strange accidents start happening around thirteen year-old necromancer Ennara and her friends, she must search for the mysterious stolen artifacts causing the attacks while learning the highest form of magic--the spells that could prevent the fruition of a terrible prophecy.

My Thoughts : 

Ennara is now at the Academy and studying magic but all is not well. During a simple lesson, she accidentally turns some flowers into zombies. Her magic is causing trouble and Ennara doesn't know why. Then she and her friends get locked into a room with a vicious Turtle and they have no choice but to kill it. Unfortunately, this seems to be the last straw and both Ennara and Kithe are expelled from the Academy. But the headmaster makes it known that it's for their own good because it seems that someone is out to do Ennara harm!  Not only that but magical artifacts have been stolen and are being used to take over and control the staff of the Academy. Ennara and her friends are the only ones who can retrieve these and stop the curse from spreading. Can they manage it in time before the whole island is taken over?

I really enjoyed book one of this but I have to say that Ennara and the Book of Shadows blew away Ennara and the Fallen Druid!! It was so much more than the last book and I loved it. 

Even though this starts a year after the ending of book 1, it feels like we haven't missed anything. this also starts with the action straight away with Ennara creating Zombie Flowers!! From there it's pretty much non stop the whole way through. I flew through this book so quickly and didn't want it to end. It reminded me of reading Harry Potter and being so eager to see what happens next.

Ennara had grown a lot since book 1. She still isn't too confidant in her abilities but that made her feel more real. She battles with her emotions since her magic won't work properly but she plows through anyway. She makes her decision on which path she takes and does it whole heartily. She is such a strong and plucky character! 

I also loved the fact that a new character is added to the team. Cinne is a welcome addition and a possible love interest for Kithe?? It's nice that it's now a foursome because so often in books it's 3 heroes. Cinne is smart and brave and I can't wait to find out more about her.

Anyway, overall Ennara and the Book of Shadows was awesome. It's a magical, adventurous and fantastical read. There's more action than the first and it's packed with a whole plethora of magical creatures. As my 10 year old said when he finished reading it "Even if the main character is a girl, I still really enjoyed it" That's high praise indeed ;) 


  1. Necromancy isn't usually in kids books. That's great that the books keep getting better. I'm not a fan of time jumps between books, but it's good that it didn't feel like you missed anything. haha what a great recommendation from your son!

    1. I really enjoyed this and it was better than the first!! Even though a year had passed we don't miss anything :)