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Chandrea - The Return of the Avatar Queen by Marlene Wynn Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Chandrea – The Return of the Avatar Queen by Marlene Wynn
Publication date: September 22nd 2014
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult

Chandrea Averill thinks she’s just like any other normal young woman. But, on the day of her 23rd birthday, her life changes forever.Surrounded by magical creatures, dangerous sorcery, and insidious political intrigue, Chandrea desperately wants to return to Earth and the only life she’s ever known. But, the longer she stays, the more she realizes that she may be the only one with the power – both magical and political – to save the people of Lyrunia. Will she find the courage to remain and fight for her home world?



Leilah took a deep breath. Her pulse quickened at the smell of fresh blood, and a feral grin spread on her lips. Leilah moved to stand beside the table. The prisoner had been in this room for two and a half days. She’d been allowed nothing to eat, and only enough water to keep her alive. Her whole world had become this room. And the pain. Dorven’s people were the best at their craft and had never let their sovereign down yet. Anyone in this room eventually ended up talking. 
Reaching out, the Svaran queen roughly shook her prisoner awake. With a gasp of pain and fright, the captive opened bloodshot brown eyes. Staring up at Leilah, her eyes widened in horror. Her body shrank away from Leilah as much as her bindings would allow her to. Little whimpering sobs were torn from her cracked lips. 
Leilah’s felt a stab of satisfaction. “Ahhh. I see you remember me, my dear. After all, you and I did spend some time together before Dorven got a hold of you. I do hope he has made you see reason now.”
“Y – Your Majesty – “ she rasped out, her voice sounding parched and rough. 
“Are you ready to answer my questions?” Leilah asked her.
“I – I – “ With tears streaming down her face, she looked up at Leilah’s cold, lovely visage. Sobbing freely now, she closed her eyes and nodded her acquiescence.
“Very good. Now, what is your name?” Leilah asked
“Brita, My Lady,” the prisoner whispered hoarsely.
Shaking her head with dismay, Leilah said, “That is not the name I wish to hear, and you know it. So, unless you wish to spend more time with Dorven, I suggest you start telling me the truth!”
The young woman’s eyes flew open, sparkling with sudden pride and passion. “Brita is my name and has always been my name. Just because you want it otherwise won’t make it so! I’m not the lost queen!” she rasped out.
“And yet, you have no natural mother or father and were taken in by your surrogate family while you were young,” Leilah said, ticking the points off on her fingers. “You look surprisingly like an Averill. To the best of anyone’s knowledge, you’re twenty-three years old. And you’re a sorceress. These are all damning traits, don’t you agree?” she asked her.
Closing her eyes again, the prisoner sighed wearily. “Only to your eyes, My Lady.” 
Folding her arms across her chest, Leilah said, “I see you are not as broken as we thought. Maybe you need to spend more time with Dorven after all.” 
Leilah watched with amusement as shock and horror shook the young woman’s body. Crying out, she jerked against her bonds. “No! Please! I’m sorry! I’ll try better – I promise! Please – don’t – don’t him touch me again!” Tears flowed down her cheeks, creating strange and intriguing patterns in the dried blood.
The Svaran queen stared at her for a long time, using the silence to heighten the woman’s fear. She paced around the small, stone cell in mock contemplation. Then, reaching up, she blew out one of the four lamps in the room. She did this to two others, until the only lamp left was the one right by the table, barely sufficient to illuminate the two of them. The rest of the room was shrouded in black, oily shadows. Bending low to her, nearly nose to nose and lip to lip, Leilah waited until she had her captive’s complete and undivided attention. Only then did she begin to speak.
“My dear, you have two choices available to you. You can admit that you are indeed the long-lost queen of Averill. Or, I can call Dorven back in and sit back and watch as he works more of his magic on you. I have nowhere important to be right now, and do love a good show. It all depends on you. Do you want to die here on this table? For that is what shall happen if you continue to refuse to cooperate.” 
Breathing in shallow little gasps, the prisoner’s fear was palpable. Her bloodshot eyes were wide and her skin clammy with a cold sweat. She shook her head no – she did not want to die.
Leaning in close, Leilah whispered softly, “Then I suggest that tell me who you are.” 
Leilah pulled away so she could look into her prisoner’s eyes. The eyes were the mirror to the soul, and Leilah wanted to see the moment when the Averill queen succumbed to the brutal reality of her captivity. Dark anticipation coursed through her, making her breath come faster, harsher. 
Instead, brown eyes full of defiant hate glared up at her. The young woman raised her head up off the table as far as she could, and with her chin held high, she snarled, “Brita. My name is Brita.”
Pulling back from her, Leilah said dismissively, “Wrong answer.” 
She strode to the door and beckoned Dorven back inside. “Do as you will with her. She is no longer of importance to me.” 
Closing the door behind her, Leilah moved up the hallway. As she reached the stairway, the screaming started. The sound echoed strangely against the stone walls. As she made her way back up into the palace, she smiled and started humming a little tune.

Marlene Wynn is a Utah native – fondly referred to as “Utonian” by a friend.  She transplanted herself in 1992 from the majestic Rocky Mountains to the beachy shores of sunny Virginia Beach, Virginia and has been there ever since.  Though she has worked in the Benefits field for several years, she finally worked up the courage to chase her dream as an author.


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