Thursday 6 March 2014

Elusion by Claudia Gabel & Cheryl Klam eArc Review!


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Title : Elusion
Author : Claudia Gabel & Cheryl Klam
Pages : 384
Published : March 18th 2014 
Publisher : Katherine Tegen Books

Soon, Elusion® will change the world and life as we know it.

A new technology called Elusion is sweeping the country. An app, visor and wristband will virtually transport you to an exotic destination where adventure can be pursued without the complications—or consequences—of real life.

Regan is an Elusion insider. Or at least she used to be. Her father invented the program, and her best friend, Patrick, heir to the tech giant Orexis, is about to release it nationwide. But ever since her father’s unexpected death, Regan can’t bear to Escape, especially since waking up from the dream means crashing back to her grim reality.

Still, when there are rumors of trouble in Elusion—accusations that it’s addictive and dangerous— Regan is determined to defend it. But the critics of Elusion come from surprising sources, including Josh, the handsome skeptic with his own personal stakes. As Regan investigates the claims, she discovers a disturbing web of secrets. She will soon have to choose between love and loyalty…a decision that will affect the lives of millions.

Suspense, thrills, and romance fuel this near-future story about the seductive nature of a perfect virtual world, and how far one girl will go to uncover the truth behind the illusions.

My Thoughts : 

The world in Elusion is polluted. The air you breath could kill you if you don't wear your mask in certain sectors. Its a bland colourless world that drags you down. Regans father created Elusion to make any different world that the user wants. In Elusion there's no pain, sadness, heartache or any negativity, its pure bliss.

When Regans dad dies, Elusion passes to Patrick. He is Regans best friend and was a major part of Elusion. After trials with young people he is on the cusp of releasing it nationwide when rumors that Elusion is addicting surface. Patrick brushes it off as nothing more than jealousy and Regan doesn't believe it at all because her father wouldn't of released something that was dangerous!! But as disturbing evidence comes to light and Elusion starts acting strange, Regan must face the possibility that her best friend knows more than he seems and Elusion might be more than appears.

Wow, this book was so not at ALL what I expected!!! The minute I saw the cover and read the blurb I added it to my wishlist. I was so excited to get an eArc of it but I was also apprehensive in case it would be hard to understand. Well Im glad to say that Elusion blew me away!

When Regan lost her father, her whole world shattered. She very rarely went back into Elusion because it was very painful. She was happy to let Patrick take the reigns of everything and was really happy for him when Elusion was going global. At a party for Patrick she meets Josh, an old friend of his. They hit it off and become friends. Over time Josh tells her that his sister is an Elusion junkie. When she hears this she immediately denies it.  No way can it be addicting or dangerous, but as more and more happens she knows she has to investigate. What she finds will change her life forever.  Regan was an awesome character. She is smart, strong and reliable. Even when faced with a hard choice she makes the right decision. She has a level head and uses it to uncover the truth.

Josh was another character I liked. He was very intriguing at the start and seeing his story unfold was awesome. He is strong, loyal, smart and an all round nice guy. I loved seeing his friendship with Regan unfold and become stronger. I was rooting for him from the start.

Patrick is Regans best friend since they were small. He was an integral part of Elusion and wants success at all costs. He was a very hot and cold character for me. One minute I liked him and one minute he did something suspicious and I would change my mind. He loves Regan but blocks her at every corner from investigating Elusion. I loved the fact that he evoked such strong reactions from me though. He is a very complex character.

Overall Elusion was mind blowing! It was fast paced and thought provoking. You could never see what was coming next. Being a sci fi book I was afraid in case it would be hard to understand with the science behind Elusion but the author explains everything clearly but with the sci fi feel to it. This book is packed with suspense, twists, mystery and an unfathomable plot that I flew through it. Its an impressive and thrilling debut and one that will be on my favourites shelf forever. It ends on a cliffhanger though but not an unsatisfactory one! Im really looking forward to book 2. 

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