Wednesday 17 September 2014

Hale Maree by Misty Provencher Book Blitz and Giveaway!

Hale Maree by Misty Provencher 
(Crossed & Bared Series #1) 
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance



Hale Simmons’s life is already bottoming out and she’s only eighteen. Struggling on welfare, while trying to keep her alcoholic father on track, her dreams of having a better life fade a little more each day.
But, when her dad witnesses a brutal accident at the bar one night, it changes the entire course of Hale’s future.
Thrust into an arranged marriage
with Oscar Maree, the playboy son of a wealthy man, Hale must learn to trust a
stranger to give her the life she’s always wanted.

First, Hale needs to figure out if love can ever happen by accident.

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Guest Post : 

10 Things I’ve Learned While Being An Indie Writer

1)  I’ve learned what BRAND means.  It means that people will pick up your books, expecting a certain kind of story out of you.  You might be the paranormal girl.  Or the Queen of the kinky-sex-scenes.  Or the guy that makes us laugh.  For me, I’ve swept all of my brands into one big heap and call my brand The Unexpected Twist.  You can expect it all from me.
2)  I’ve learned that looking at reviews can KILL YOU.  There will be people who love our work, people who hate it, people who blow smoke up our fannies, people who are just miserable trolls.  When I’m feeling crappy, I go check out J.K. Rowling’s slew of 1 star reviews and realize it ain’t no thing.
3)  I’ve come to understand that the battles over comma placements have gone on long before I was born and will continue long after I am gone.
4)  I’ve learned: OMG! I can format a book!
5)  OMG! I can make an ebook cover!
6)  OMG!  I can learn to plot stringently…I’m sure of it!
7)  I’ve learned I need to just keep writing.  You can get trapped in quality vs. quantity; Indie vs Traditional; smut vs. sweet, and it all comes down to this:  WRITE A BOOK.
8)  I’ve learned that every single person I meet, upon hearing that I am a writer, tells me that their life story would make a bestseller.  And they are right.
9)  I’ve learned that writing has to be for the joy.  And when it is, we can’t lose.
10)  I’ve learned that every book is a bugger, but also better than the last.

I hope it helps you too!  Thanks again for having me over for the guest post spot!


Misty Provencher is a long-term wife, mama, and author. The first two are a bit more recent, but Provencher's writing roots date back to the hieroglyphics she left in her mother's womb.

While Provencher can ride a motorcycle, knows how to Karate chop, and has learned enough French, Spanish, and Sign Language to get herself slapped, Misty's life is actually just the ruse she uses to connect with people. She is totally enchanted with them and spends her days trying to translate the soul bouquets of her muses into words.

Misty Provencher lives in the Mitten. Knock on her internet blog door at: Misty Provencher's Books, or find her on Facebook and Twitter as Misty Provencher.

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--Signed copy of Full of Grace (US only)
--1 eBook copy of any of Misty's books (INTL)

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