Wednesday 17 September 2014

Debut Author Bash : Love and Loss by Trinity Ambrose!

Welcome to the Debut Author Bash hosted by YA Reads. Check out the schedule because there are a lot more authors and bloggers before me. It is with great pleasure that I introduce Trinity Ambrose and her debut novel Love and Loss : The Coven Of Secrets.


Jo Kelley is not your average college student, but she's trying to be. Years in foster care have left her cautious. She doesn't let many people in and there are very few people she would ever trust with her secrets…namely that she sees impossible things, things that terrify her and make her question her own sanity. 

But Jo is putting all that aside, and embarking on a typically American rite of passage… spring break. With her best friend and her new boyfriend, Jo is setting out for adventure. Little does she know that her life and the lives of everyone around her are going to change dramatically. 
There's something dark buried in Jo's past, secrets and an unfathomable evil that are clawing their way to the surface. Intent on destroying Jo and the rest of the world with her, Jo will have to come out of the proverbial broom closet and use all of her as yet untapped power to battle the forces of darkness and save the people she loves

Guest Post 

 Thank you to Book Lovers Life for choosing my book to blog. I'm afraid my personal Spring Break story wouldn't be nearly as interesting as the one my characters have so I would be happy to give some sneak peeks into their experience. Josephina Kelley, aka Jo, is the main character with a rough past that has left her open to the paranormal. Her best friend Sarah, is determined to give her a Spring Break to remember and to help her feel more normal. Who doesn't have a great story to tell after an amazing Spring Break trip? But Sarah's planning didn't include a car chase, or a haunted hotel room with 3 am wake up call. Those are the kinds of things that are bond to happen when your best friend sees ghosts.

   Like any good YA book, there are two amazing guys, brothers actually, that have come along for the trip. Steve, the slacker and jokester of the group, and Damien, Jo's supportive fiancé who has been acting kind of strange lately. Steve and Sarah's relationship has just started but what's more romantic then a trip to the ocean followed by a stop at Mardi Gras? To bad they'll be too busy screaming in terror or running for their lives when a possessed trucker comes back to finish something he started when he caused the crash that took Jo's parents. In the end, they do get an experience of a life time and a chance to stand up for the world against the evil that is coming.

About The Author :

Image of Trinity AmbroseTrinity Ambrose, born in eastern Kentucky in 1984, started writing by the age of thirteen and had her first book published by the age of 29. Lives with her husband of 12 years and their 4yr old daughter. First book "Love and Loss" published January 2014, has a 4 out of 5 star rating on and can be found under the category of YA paranormal. She finds inspiration from other writers such as Stephen King and Christopher Moore. She plans to release book two in her series this fall.

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