Wednesday 17 September 2014

Red Blooded by Amanda Carlson Review!

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Title : Red Blooded
Author : Amanda Carlson
Pages : 320
Published : September 9th 2014
Publisher : Orbit
Source : Netgalley

Jessica is on her way to Hell. After settling a fragile truce between the vampires, werewolves and witches, the last thing Jessica wants to do is face the demons head on. But when the Prince of Hell kidnapped her brother, he set into motion a chain of events that even Jessica doesn't have the power to stop.

Now, Jessica must go into battle again. But Hell is a whole new beast... new rules, more dangerous demons, and an entirely foreign realm. And when Jessica is dropped into the Underworld too soon, without protection or the help of her friends, she must figure out just how powerful she can be... or she will never make it out alive.

My Thoughts : 

I adore this series and was thrilled when I was granted access to this on Netgalley!! Every single book takes you on a rollercoaster ride and this is no different. I cant say too much about this because of spoilers so all I'll say is Jessica accidentally sends herself to Hell early, with no backup. She is in a whole different world with different rules and has to save her brother. Can Jessica stay alive long enough for someone to reach her?

This is book 4 in the series and poor Jessica never gets a break!! Nothing seems to go right for her and Red Blooded is no different. I love how Amanda Carlson can keep her characters growing from book to book. Jessica is still kick ass but she seems to be more capable of handling her powers in this book. Her relationship with her Wolf is also easier and they rely a lot more on each other. 

We done see much of Rourke in this one until towards the end but what we do see is awesome. He is so strong and such a rock for Jessica. I adore their relationship and they are one of my favourite couples. 

I loved the new world the author created in Red Blooded. Hell is everything you'd expect but also nothing like you think. It is a creepy horrible place where the sunshine burns and you definitely don't want to be outside after dark either!! The creatures are things from nightmares and time works differently there. It was incredibly cool to read about. 

Anyway. Red Blooded was everything I've come to expect from this series and more. There's more of everything, more action, more adventure, more wolf and more kick assness!! Its an action packed, edge of your seat book. Carlson still manages to throw in some twists and turns that will leave you gasping and really raises the bar with this installment. Its a thrilling additive read and one I'd highly recommend. 

Amanda Carlson is also the queen of cliffhangers and this ends in one heck of a one! I so need the next book now!!! 

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