Monday 8 September 2014

Side Tracked by Lorina Lynne Cover Reveal!


New Cover

Title: Side Tracked

Author: Lorina Lynne


After 15 years of marriage, Julie realizes that she wants more out of the relationship, but she's not sure that her husband, Justin, can give what her soul longs for. She embarks on a journey to satisfy her curiosities, learning more than she ever wanted to know and finding herself in a fight for her life. Even if she finds her way out of her nightmare, will Justin forgive her careless choices?



Words are not enough, but I’m not sure he is willing or able to give me any more than that. Why am I just awakening to this reality after fifteen years of marriage? Soberly, I realize that my mind is finally clear of the fog that has surrounded it. I’m no longer the naïve young girl afraid of life without love who married this man. I’m no longer the woman who had resigned herself to a fate of mediocrity. I am a passionate woman, full of life and vitality, full of love for the man I pledged my life to, wanting - no wait - requiring a life of exhilarating passion.
I sigh heavily as my visions of my dream life collide with the stark reality of my current state. This conversation isn’t over, but I don’t know when I’ll have the courage or opportunity to press the issue. For now, I’m quiet and reserved on the outside and tormented and aching on the inside. I remain curled up in the chair, registering nothing. My mind is as blank and as empty as my heart.


About the Author:

I’m Lorina Lynne and I unexpectedly discovered a passion for writing recently and am exploring this new revelation. I just published my first novel, SideTracked. I was inspired by two of my favorite authors, Regina Duke and Lucian Bane. When not writing or working at my real job in the healthcare industry, I love to read and promote other indie authors. Some fun facts – I drink tea (not coffee), I’m a closet chocoholic (it has to be really dark – the chocolate, that is), and I’m a sushi addict. Oh, and I love to scuba dive. Under the water is the most tranquil place on earth.


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