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Predator by Janice Gable Bashman Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Title: Predator
Publication date: September 16, 2014
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.
Author: Janice Gable Bashman

The hunt is on!

Sixteen-year-old Bree Sunderland must inject herself with an untested version of her father’s gene therapy to become a werewolf in order to stop a corrupt group of mercenaries from creating a team of unstoppable lycanthrope soldiers.

When Bree went with her scientist father to Ireland, she thought it would be a vacation to study bog bodies. She never expected to fall in love with a mysterious young Irishman and certainly never expected to become the kind of monster her father said only existed in nightmares. Dr. Sunderland discovers that lycanthropy was not a supernatural curse but rather a genetic mutation. When they return home, her dad continues his research, but the military wants to turn that research into a bio weapons program and rogue soldiers want to steal the research to turn themselves into unstoppable killing machines.

Bree’s boyfriend Liam surprises her with a visit to the United States, but there are darker surprises in store for both of them. As evil forces hunt those she loves, Bree must become an even more dangerous hunter to save them all.

Predator gives the werewolf legend a couple of new spins by introducing the Benandanti (an actual folkloric belief that certain families of Italy and Livonia were werewolves who fought against evil), as well as a modern scientific approach to mutation and the science of transgenics.

“Predator is a fast-paced, creepy page-turner! Bashman had me at the opening sentence and she’s still got me. I want more!”

Nancy Holder, New York Times Bestselling Author, The Rules

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My Thoughts : 

When Bree went to Ireland with her father to study bog bodies, she had no idea that her life would change irreversibly forever. Bree stumbles across a body while out walking the bog and when they unearth it they also find a really big hairy paw. How did the paw get there and why does it seem to be part of the very human body they found? 

Brees' father, Dr Sunderland, findings lead them to believe that they have found a Lycantrop. Dr Sunderland lost his son in the war and when he finds the Lycantrophy gene he knows that there is only one thing he can do with it. He wants to create super soldiers! Ones that are stronger and more resilient than humans, but when his research is stolen before its ready the results are horrendous. The super soldiers are out of control and Bree along with her Irish Boyfriend, Liam, may be the only ones who can stop them. 

Well what a refreshingly unique Werewolf book. Janice Gable Bashman has managed to put her own stamp on a genre that's as widespread as this. I loved the lore and history of the Benandanti and the science and archaeology that was mixed in! 

The best thing about Predator is the lore and the setting. When I read that its set in Ireland I immediately added it to my list. There isn't that many good YA books set here and being Irish I had to read it ;) I also live only a few miles away from a bog so I found it fascinating when they found the body. The Benandanti were also fascinating and you should totally Google them and see the information about them. 

I loved Bree. She is curious, smart, strong and brave. She meets Liam when they get to Ireland and both immediately hit it off. Bree questions everything and always tries to do the right thing no matter what. I also loved Liam and his irresistible Irish charm ;) He is so supportive and honest and I want to see lots more of him in the next book!! 

Predator is a very fast paced read. From the time they find the hand till the end we have deaths, betrayals, fights and super-strong mice!! I loved the science involved and never for a moment did it get confusing. Its a thrilling and extremely entertaining read. 

So overall I loved Predator. Its an engaging, thrilling and additive read. At times nerve wracking and at others sad, Predator is a unique story that will capture your interest and keep you on your toes till the very end. I fell in love with the characters and setting of Predator and look forward to more from this author (lets hope we get more from this world too). 


Janice Gable Bashman is the Bram Stoker nominated author of Wanted Undead or Alive and Predator. She is managing editor of the The Big Thrill (International Thriller Writers’ ezine).  Janice lives with her family in the Philadelphia area, where she at work on her next novel. Visit her at

Author Links:  Website | Twitter Facebook Goodreads

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