Saturday 6 September 2014

Mercy Mode by Em Garner Review!

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Title : Mercy Mode
Author : Em Garner
Pages : 352
Published : August 26th 2014
Publisher : Egmont US
Source : Edelweiss

A gripping survival story, the second in a series by a best-selling author, of a strong girl rebuilding her life in a post-apocalyptic society where a contaminated drink makes victims act like zombies; just right for fans of James Dashner, Carrie Ryan, and The Walking Dead.

Seventeen-year-old Velvet, her little sister, Opal, their mom, who is recovering from the Contamination, and Velvet’s sweet boyfriend, Dillon, are attempting to build a new life amid the rationing and regulations of the post-outbreak nation. But the outbreak isn’t over: more people turning into “Connies,” more madness erupting, more killings occurring. And what they are being told is not the truth; the truth is far darker and more threatening.

My Thoughts : 

This is book 2 so will contain spoilers for book 1!

With the outbreak now contained, Velvet now lives with her sister Opal, mother and Dillon. They are trying to survive in the aftermath of the contamination. Dillon has to work and Velvet is trying to keep her mother from being found by the soldiers. Once a week she has to travel to the town to get their weekly rations, which is very risky because there is now mandatory testing for contamination everywhere. Velvet knows that if she is tested, she will more than likely be found to be carrying the contamination, because she drank a little bit of the Thin- Pro. 

Every where she goes she see signs that the contamination isn't over. There's more soldiers around, mandatory testing, and more Connies can be seen. While the government told them that the contamination is contained, The Voice is telling them that its not true. More waves of Connies are breaking out and now where Velvet lives is considered a Black Zone. The people that are tested and found to have the virus are taken away, even if they show no signs of the disease, and brought to the Sanitarium. They are never seen again!

When Velvet is finally caught, she is taken to the Sanitarium and tested, with surprising results! 

I really enjoyed book 1, Contaminated and was excited to read book 2. Mercy Mode was all book 1 was and more!

Velvet is much stronger in this book than book 1. Both physically and emotionally. She is now married to Dillion because it was the only way they could stay together and keep Opal. Every day is a struggle to survive for her and the more things she sees happening in the outside world, the more worried she is about her family. Dillion has to drive to work everyday and may not make it home, she is tasked with finding food and other stuff they need to live and she also has to watch her sister and her mother and keep them safe. 

I loved Dillion in book 1 and I loved him even more in Mercy Mode. He is the strong reliable type. He loves Velvet and is so patient and kind to her. They are trying to make the most of life and his relationship with Velvet is in its infancy, yet they had to marry. He is a constant in her life and is always there when needed.

Another relationship I loved seeing was that of Velvet and her sister Opal. Opal has seen things most kids her age would never dream of yet Velvet tries her hardest to shield her from the worst. Velvet will do anything and everything to protect her and vice versa. They need each other and have such a strong bond. 

Overall Mercy Mode was an action packed, edge of your seat ride. It had more action and more twists and turns than book 1 and I flew through it. We are left with a lot of questions though so Im really looking forward to the next one. All in all Mercy Mode is an enjoyable, fresh take on the Zombie phenom and a series that goes from strength to strength. 


  1. I usually stay away from Zombie type books, but this doesn't look too bad. I like it when the sequel isn't a flop too. Nice review. :)

    1. This isn't really a zombie book! They aren't even the normal zombies :) I love this series and Mercy Mode was amazing!!