Saturday 18 October 2014

Beware The Wild by Natalie C Parker Review!

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Title : Beware The Wild
Author : Natalie C Parker
Pages : 336
Published : Oct 21st 2014
Publisher : HarperTeen
Source : Edelweiss

There’s something about the swamp in Sticks, Louisiana. Something different, something haunting . . . something alive. Everyone knows this, and everyone avoids going near it. And even the Mardi Gras–bead-decorated fence that surrounds it keeps people away.

Until one morning when Sterling Saucier’s older brother Phineas runs into the swamp . . .
And doesn’t return.

Instead, a girl named Lenora May climbs out in his place, and all of a sudden, no one in Sticks remembers Phin at all. They treat Lenora May as if she’s been Sterling’s sister forever.

Sterling needs to figure out what the swamp’s done with her beloved brother and how Lenora May is connected to his disappearance—but first she’s got to find someone who believes her.

Heath Durham might be that someone. A loner shrouded behind rumors of drug addiction, Heath has had his own strange experience with the swamp. He and Sterling will have to piece together enough bits of memory and ancient swamp lore to get to the truth. But as the wild swamp encroaches on their town, Sterling and Heath may find a lot more than they expected . . . and Phin may be lost to them forever.

My Thoughts : 

I absolutely devoured this book!! Exquisitely written and so creepy, Beware The Wild was amazing. I still find it hard to believe that its Natalie Parkers' debut. 

From the very first page you are captivated by the swamp. The author portrays it as its own being and I loved that. Swamps are creepy places anyway but add in monsters and magic and you have a very unique setting. Everyone knows not to go into the swamp, but what happens when the swamp starts taking people and peoples memories?

I loved Sterling. She is determined to get her brother back no matter what. When Phin goes missing and Lenora May takes his place, Sterling knows that she is his only hope because no one remembers Phin. She is kind, clever and so brave. I also loved her fierce love for Phin. He always protected her from their father and now she sees that she has to protect him now. 

Heath is another person that the swamp took someone from. He was in an accident and his best friend got taken by the swamp. He is the only one who remembers him, until he talks to Sterling. Then both remember the 2 that were taken. Their friendship progresses slowly and I loved seeing the romance blossom. Its sweet. 

Beware The Wild was such a unique book, both in plot and setting. With people being taken and everyones memories of those people gone, then add in the enigmatic Lenora May and you have a winner!! While parts of it were slow, it didn't detract from the book. I found myself eager to see what happens and there are a few surprising twists that kept me engrossed.

Overall Beware the Wild is a richly descriptive story and one that will be on my shelf forever. It hooked me with its creepy atmosphere and made me fall in love with the authors writing, I'll definitely check out more from her. Its a thrilling and mysterious read and one Id highly recommend. 


  1. So glad you loved this book, I thought the same! It's so refreshing to read a truly unique story these days.