Friday 3 October 2014

Violet Storm by Anna Soliveres Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Welcome to my stop on the Violet Storm Blog Tour!! Thanks to Xpresso Reads for hosting and make sure to follow the tour HERE. I have an awesome excerpt from the book below so please leave your thoughts in the comments. 

Violet Storm by Anna Soliveres 
(Modi #1) 
Publication date: March 28th 2014 
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult


Several hundred years into the future, The Cleansing, known to some as the End of Days, forced the government to create Arks to shelter its people. When Earth became habitable again, new territories rose up from the ashes: Agria, the City of Light, and the Outer Boundaries. For a while, they lived in peace.
A brilliant surgeon known for his invention of Modi’s—the only cure for the deadly disease, vaincre—has gone rogue with his experiments, and the Monarchy is desperate to shut him down. That’s where Aeva Storm comes in, a champion athlete with an ego to match. Aeva is the surgeon’s secret weapon against the Monarchy. And they’ll never know what hit them. After reconstructing her body to become a Modi unlike any he’s ever created, Aeva is forced into a fight against all odds. She’ll have to break loyalties, hurt family, and turn her back on newly awakened love. Thousands of lives hang in the balance in a battle that will set forth a new era.
Join Aeva on her quest to see whether she’s got what it takes to go up against the most powerful humans ever created.

Excerpt : 

“Who are you? Who sent you?”
His attacks begin to speed up, a blur of motions. I dodge, duck, and twist around him.
“No one! Whoever you think I am—I’m not!”
I run. He follows, his blade slashing at my back. I spin away, a dancer’s move, and then kick off a nearby tree, taking me into a somersault over his head. There is a frightening whoosh of air as he twists his blade, the unmistakable hum kissing a hairsbreadth away from my skin. Pieces of my hair fall to the ground.
“Damnit!” he roars.
Learning to fight on the field shows its value. Scoring goals is what I do best, but fighting to keep the glass ball is another level of skill that if I didn’t have, would make my talent for scoring practically insignificant.
I see it all, as if Karth were moving in slow motion. He swings down at my exposed neck. I catch the blade between my hands, and then jump into a backflip, kicking the tip of the saber up in the air. Karth quickly regains his grasp. He meets my next move with a slash, this time grazing my left cheek just as I swivel away from him. The sharp sting draws blood and a hiss from my lips.
This has to stop. I don’t have the benefit of oxiom if he seriously wounds me. And without it, infection is a definite. I tumble across the dirt, snatch a solid piece of wood on my way, allowing the momentum to pick me up off the ground and into a standing position.
“Please! Stop!” I plead.
He responds with a roaring lunge, his long saber glinting in the dim light. I instinctively block his blow with the wooden club. In the same motion, I grab his wrist, ram my head between his eyes, slide my foot behind his knee, and knock him backward. In midair, I straddle him, following him to the ground where his saber, now in my hand is poised over the vein pulsing in his neck.
“Please. I don’t want to hurt you,” I say through bared teeth. Somehow that felt too easy.

Anna Soliveres has always been a storyteller but it wasn’t until her early twenties when she began writing novel length works. The result was an enthusiasm to get better at the craft until her work could be shared with the world. Releasing in March 2014, VIOLET STORM is her debut novel. Anna is currently working on another young adult sci-fi series, titled SNOW DOLLS, set to release in late 2014. To learn more, please visit her at

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