Thursday 23 October 2014

Chasing Magic by Gena D Lutz Review!

22459507Title : Chasing Magic
Author : Gena D Lutz
Pages : 70
Published : June 9th 2014
Publisher : Crimson Moon
Source : From Author

Anika Webb is an extremely talented witch with certain goals in mind; pass the final hex-trial at Mystic Manor, and spend the rest of her free time tussling beneath the sheets with her hunky-warlock lover, Drake. 

But with all good intentions, evil will fatefully intercede. 

After a jealous foe unleashes a hailstorm of mischief onto an unsuspecting small-town, Anika finds herself battling a volatile spell; where all bets are off, and magic will fly.

My Thoughts : 

Anika just has to pass the final exam to become the witch she always wanted. She is beautiful and talented and the envy of many. Tamara is one such girl. She hates Anika and wants to ruin her career, so when Anika is making a potion, Tamara tosses in something that makes the magic come alive. It slithers out of the room and is gone before Anika can stop it. She knows she has to stop the magic before it causes trouble so along with her boyfriend Drake, she chases the magic and tries to right all the wrongs before the high witches find out! 

This is my first book by Gena D Lutz and it won't be my last. Despite being only 70 pages it still packs everything you would want into a good book. There's sufficient magic, tense atmosphere, danger and destruction to keep you hooked. The fast paced plot keeps you reading till the end and along with the wonderfully written characters, Chasing Magic is a must read. I loved the little Dragon and Faerie!! My only complaint is that it's too short. I was just getting into the story when it finished!!  

So overall Chasing Magic is an awesome novella and I look forward to more. 

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  1. This sounds like a cute little story. I'm usually turned off by perfect protagonists, but since it's short I might give it a shot. I like the little dragon. :)

    1. I loved the dragon too!! Lol. It's a fun story and I need more :)