Friday 31 October 2014

Month9Books Birthday Bash Celebration and Giveaway, featuring Kit Forbes!

Hi guys, welcome to Month9Books Birthday Bash! We’re so excited you’re all stopping by! For my stop I'm hosting the awesome Kit Forbes!!
This is going to be an awesome event with many tour stops featuring our authors! The full schedule is below and make sure to stick around for the EPIC Giveaway taking place!

Here’s a quick note from Georgia McBride, owner of Month9Books!

“Month9Books is turning 2 this year and I could not be happier. We are living proof that if you have a dream to write, create and inspire, you should follow that dream and let nothing keep you from realizing it. Thank you to all the readers, writers, agents, partners and friends who have made this possible. We write for you.

--Georgia McBride, Publisher and Owner of Month9Books”

While all of the posts are from our authors that have books out already we also want to look forward to some of the 2015 titles we can’t wait to share with you!
We have a ton of sequels coming as well as new books from awesome debut authors and we’re so excited to share them all with you! We have something for everyine from every genre from Sci-Fi to Fantasy to Paranormal and Horror!

Here’s a slide show of some our 2015 books!

As I said, I'm hosting Kit Forbes today. Here's a little about Kits' book before we get to the interview.

About the Book
Author: Kit Forbes
Release Date: September 23, 2014
Pages: 300
Publisher: Month9Books
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Goodreads/Amazon/Barnes & Noble

Mark Stewart is one incident away from becoming a juvenile delinquent, and his parents have had enough. They ship Mark off to London, England, to stay with his eccentric aunt Agatha who is obsessed with all things Jack the Ripper. After a strange twist of luck, Mark is struck by lightning, and he wakes to find himself in 1888 Victorian London. His interest in a string of murders Scotland Yard has yet to solve make him a likely suspect. After all, why would a young boy like Mark know so much about the murders? Could he be the ripper they've been searching for? Convinced the only way to get back home is to solve the murders, Mark dives headfirst into uncovering the truth. Mark's only distraction comes in the form of the beautiful Genie Trembly, a girl who is totally out of his league and who may have already caught the attention of the infamous ripper. To save her, he'll endanger both their lives, and risk being trapped in the past forever.

**Doesn't that sound awesome!!! I know I can't wait to read it :) Kit was kind enough to answer some questions for me so I hope you enjoy the interview

Hi Kit. Thanks so much for stopping by Book Lovers Life. Before we start can you tell us a little about yourself.
Real life is pretty boring and there isn’t much to tell. ☺ I work in retail and am he mom of two daughters and mini herd of cats.

1) Shadows Fall Away sounds amazing. Where did the idea come from and why did you focus on Jack The Ripper?
I’ve always been fascinated with the mystery surrounding the identity of Jack the Ripper. It began as wondering what would happen if  modern policeman got stuck back in Jack’s time. But that version got stuck and I couldn’t unstuck it. The idea kept nagging at me through the years and I occurred to me that maybe my detective could be the semi-delinquent son of a policeman and mark was born,

2) What kind of research did you have to do and did you find out anything interesting about Jack the Ripper?
I’ve always been interested in learning about Victorian England so I had some background. Most of the research involved the details on the crimes and such.
3) How long did it take to write Shadows Fall Away?
All together? Years and years if you count from when I first came up with the main characters and general idea. But from the do-over to finish  A few months.

4) Was it originally called Shadows Fall Away?
Yes and of course it was before I realized a few other things had “Shadows Fall” or “Shadow Falls” in their titles.
5) What is your writing process like?
It is a scary and magical thing. Most times scary like yanking teeth that won’t come unstuck and sometimes magical when the words pour out.

6) Do you have any writing habits or quirks?
Not that I’m conscious of. But if you ask my critique group they’ll probably have a huge list.

7) What is the best and worst part of writing?
It ties back to #5. When the words don’t flow, it’s tough, but when they do, it’s exciting and fun and time flies.

8) If you were a character in your book for a day, what would you do?
Probably cower in a corner mumbling “There’s no place like home…”

9) And finally describe the book in 5 words.
Snarky, mysterious, fun,  suspenseful, romantic

Now a quick fire round!!!

Favourite drink : Coffee
Favourite food:  This week: Pizza
Favourite colour:  Red
Favourite movie/TV series: The Originals
Favourite place:  The library

Thanks again Kit for taking the time to answer my questions. I really appreciate it.

About Kit:
Kit Forbes has been a lover of books, history, and all things paranormal for as long as she can remember. She lives in Western Pennsylvania with her youngest daughter and an assortment of cats who give new meaning to the world bizarre.

Giveaway Details:
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