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Blood Entwines by Caroline Healy Blog Tour and Giveaway!


Welcome to my stop on the Blood Entwines tour!! Blood Entwines by Caroline Healy is a YA Urban Fantasy published by Bloomsbury Publishing (Sparks). The tour runs October 20th- November 16th with reviews, interviews & guest posts. Check out the tour page and schedule.

Blood Entwines cover july 2014
Blood Entwines by Caroline Healy

A dark compelling story of love and its more sinister elements…possession.

 In the aftermath of a blood transfusion that saved her life, Kara feels different. Her senses are stronger ... she can hear whispered comments not meant for her ears ... she can hear the person following her. When Jack, her stalker, reveals himself and insists that Kara has something that belongs to him, she does her best to avoid him. But he’s determined to talk to her, convinced that they’re linked through the blood she received during her transfusion.
Jack is struggling against a dark and dangerous demon. His body is host to the evil power that wants Kara’s blood and will stop at nothing to get it. If Jack is able to gain control he can warn Kara. But which is stronger, the power of the blood they share or the force for evil. How can Kara help save Jack without risking her own life?

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Guest Post : 

Ten things they don’t tell you when you sign up to become a writer: 

1. Writing is really hard. 

Nobody tells you this but writing is a tough job. Your head is constantly filled with self-doubt, the noisy voice of internal criticism and multiple reasons to quit. Sitting at your desk, day after day with nothing to drive you except your need to get the story down on page is a demanding endeavour. Nobody prepares you for this reality, images of J.K. Rowling flash through your mind, ideas of instant success only a breath away. If you are writing for these things…instant success, immense riches, glory beyond belief…then I would suggest a different career choice. 

2. When you start, you can’t stop. 

However, as hard and all as writing is, once you start you find yourself unable to stop, plots and stories, characters and adventure, snippets of conversation roll around in your head at all times of the day (and sometimes night…have a notebook by your bed just in case). It is an art form and when you dive into it, you cannot let a day go by without writing. It would just seem too weird now for me not to write (even though, when I am in the editing stages of a project I sometimes feel like plucking my own eyeballs out with a fork!).  

3. If you want to become a writer you have to learn all these other skills too. 

Writing now, in the age of instant everything, is not like it used to be. You need to have good P.R. skills, you need to know how to work your way around a computer, social media, the internet. In a way you have to be your own publicist, marketing manager, editor, life coach, number one fan…being a writer is not just about the writing anymore. It is about all the other stuff too. 

4. Writing is lonely.

You have to have a thick skin to be a writer. Criticism comes from every angle and you have to be prepared for that. Sitting at a desk is how the writing gets done. There is no escaping that part, so be prepared to spend many hours alone, tap tapping on the keyboard or writing long hand. This can get lonely so you need to value your own company or else get some pets! 

5. Procrastination is your enemy.

Sometimes hours of my life will fly by when I am supposed to be writing but instead I am online lost in pages on Facebook or reading articles on BuzzFeed. This is the new phenomenon of digital procrastination. Other times I may voluntarily clean the bathroom or bake a cake rather than work on book edits. To combat this… you have to be disciplined…make yourself sit at the desk, make yourself commit a thousand words to paper before lunchtime. 

6. The internet is a vital resource (and potential saboteur). 

Having said all those things about the internet and it being a place of procrastination, it is also an invaluable resource. The number of times I have used it to check historical facts, to search for music as inspiration, to look up ideas for character features…(grey eyes versus blue), it is a great resource and when used properly (i.e. not to ogle celebs at the latest awards ceremony) it is a brilliant writer’s tool. 

7. Community is key. 

See point number 4 above. Writing can be lonely so it is important to have a community of real human beings that you can reach out to. I have a writing group and a selection of friends from my creative writing course that I meet up with from time to time, swop manuscripts with, or even just go for coffee with. Getting to talk about your writing is important but it’s also important just to meet other humans for interaction. Your characters are the best but sometimes it is important to meet with those people whose lives don’t take place on the page. 

8. Writers must be readers. 

If I have one thing to tell budding writers it is to read, read, read, read. That is where you will learn some of the craft, you will get ideas, you will develop your own writing style. It is really important to read as well as write. 

9. Your pets are your best critic. 

Sometimes, in the small hours of the morning when I am tapping on a final draft for my editor the only company I have is my cats. They offer valuable support such as lap warming services if you get cold, distraction if you need a break from your work, laughter when they decide it’s a good idea to chase their own tail. 

10. Stop now before you drive yourself mad. 

Don’t do it…unless you are really passionate about it. The same advice goes for anything in life. Writing has so many excellent rewards but it is hard work…every day is not book signings and speeches. It is an art form and like any art form, you need to practice, practice, practice. Once you start you won’t be able to stop…

About the Author:

Caroline Healy is a writer and community arts facilitator. She recently completed her M.A. in
Creative Writing at the Seamus Heaney Centre, Queen’s University, Belfast.
She published her first, award winning collection of short stories, entitled A Stitch in Time in August 2012. Her work has been featured in publications such as Wordlegs, The Bohemyth, Prole and the Irish Writers’ Centre Lonely Voice.
She writes literary fiction and young adult fiction, with her Y.A. book Blood Entwines released with Bloomsbury Publishing in August 2014.
Caroline loves drinking tea from mis-matched china, doing yoga, as well as reading, writing, talking and thinking about all things bookish. She also has a penchant for cake and dark chocolate.

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